• IELTS Test and Registration Process

    IELTS International English Language Testing System is a first flight to the journey of your abroad studies.As it is an international communal test of English language to examine the proficiency in the subject for the non-native English Language speaker.IELTS is the globe’s most popular exam and widely acceptable by over 10,000 organization worldwide, including universities, employers, schools, immigration authorities and other professional bodies.IELTS is jointly administered by University of Cambridge --British Council and IDP. This exam is a license to the drive of your career in abroad.More than 2 million people a year appear in the test.

    IELTS is basically sub divided in 2 sections-

    IELTS Exam and Registration Process

    1.Academic level

    Academic level IELTS constitutes the exam pitch academically that is specially and best suited for the students. Exam is prepared considering academic courses and student capability. Who have a mind set to pursue higher studies in abroad.

    2.General Level

    General level IELTS is all the way conducted for the people approaching for PR, work permit and other genuine reasons.Both the exams have different level and questions with somewhat same pattern.

    The test has 4 sections.

    (I) Listening

    Listening section futher have 4 sections of 40 marks with the time limit of 30 minutes.

    (II) Speaking

    Speaking section includes an interview of around 15 minutes.

    (III) Reading

    Differ in both levels, academics and General level. Includes 3 sections of 40 questions, 60 minutes.

    (IV) Writing

    Pieces of Writing for 60 minutes

    Now coming to Bands and scores.its multilevel and constitue 9 bands in total.that 1 to 9.Universities often open their doors for an IELTS SCORE 6 OR 7, moreover vary from place to place.

    IELTS measures the skills and ability of reading, writing, listening and speaking and assess your ability to work , study and live in an international exposure world.So with genuine talks,once you prepare for IELTS,There are several points noted on your stick notes i.e.

    ** Test format-take a deep glance of IELTS test format ,the level the idea of questions that hits the score.,secondly register yourself for road to IELTS the online IELTS preparation course designed by BRITISH COUNCIL.

    **Examine the IELTS practice test papers and answers .take practice test to furnish your skills and work over the weak areas.

    **You may find helpful to go through the official practice material of IELTS, it will aware you with the level of exam and will get you very close to the exam pattern and simultaneously polishes your time management.


    STEP 1

    Elegibility of candidate as IELTS is not recommende for the candidate under the age of 16.collect the basic info and details of the student planned to appear in the exam.

    STEP 2

    Decide the version of test appropriate for you. likeways IELTS academic-suitable for candidate with the mindset to pursue their academic study or IELTS general recommended for candidate looking for work permit or migration.

    STEP 3

    Check the dates for IELTS exam and suggested to make a one month prior registration to make sure you get a place and seats availability.As the exam appears twice a month.

    STEP 4

    Fee structure

    The registration for IELTS is INR 12,100 with the suitable payment mode. (Cash or demand draft.)

    # Download the IELTS Application Form

    # Complete the required detail and choose the test date.
    # To pay by cheque or demand draft visit the nearest bank concerned with the process.