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  • Life's A Bitch...And Then You Have A BAD LUCK!


    SOME OF us are lucky Bastar.ds! This toon series is dedicated to all those FaaDoOs who fall outside this aforementioned "some" category. Enjoy the toons, and do add a comment if you like em!


    And to finish things off...

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    1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
      [FE].Zatak -
      Luck Look lol
    1. its.sumit's Avatar
      its.sumit -
      cant relate clearly wid the topic sorry but a bleak attempt to be honest.
    1. Puneeth Leader's Avatar
      Puneeth Leader -
      Nice .But not well suited for topic
    1. goswami kumar's Avatar
      goswami kumar -
      good. but not the best of all.

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      Was it actually related with real life? i felt it has connections with the ideal one.
      Quote Originally Posted by goswami kumar View Post
      good. but not the best of all.
    1. navyanvsp's Avatar
      navyanvsp -
      nothing above is interesting....
    1. meenakshi boni's Avatar
      meenakshi boni -
      relly no 1 is interesting...
    1. T Jaya Surya's Avatar
      T Jaya Surya -
      can some body tell me how to post new threads