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  • A Can-Do Attitude Works: 7 Success Mantras to CRACK any Interview!

    �Confidence and the right attitude will help you sail through an interview,� advises Anirudh Patil, Vice- President ( Marketing, Strategy and Communications), Alcatel- Lucent. He shares his success strategy with all the FaaDoOEngineers.

    The foundation of a successful interview�

    Preparation and confidence are the keys to success. Go to an interview with an in- depth knowledge of the company, its services and its goals. Express your thoughts clearly and discuss your career accomplishments to steer away from the job description.

    How first impressions are formed�

    First impressions are all about the attitude and conduct as well as the body language and personality of the candidate. As the interview progresses, core competencies and soft skills become the focus.

    Making one�s CV impressive�

    Keep it simple and short. Un-clutter your CV and highlight only those areas you want people to notice.

    Preparing for a career with a big brand like Alcatel- Lucent�

    Know us and the space we operate in. Articulate your expectations from the organization and how you can contribute to its growth.

    When to start negotiating your CTC�

    You can have a brief discussion, especially if the compensation package is not clearly defined in the job description. But most companies leave this for the HR function to discuss in detail once the candidate has been short- listed for the position.

    Why the dress code matters�

    We expect each candidate to come professionally dressed for an interview.

    And the win- win soft skills are�

    Different roles require different skill sets. Managers must know how to manage people and their emotions. Candidates for technical positions must be able to articulate their knowledge of their area of specialization.

    But the winner is the one with the can - do attitude.

    Article Credits: Mail Today
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