• TRIM UP or Lose out - Fitness Guide for Engineers!

    TRIM UP or Lose out - Fitness Guide for Engineers!
    “HEALTH IS WEALTH” could be a mug-it-up proverb for a fifth grade, but when it comes to real life drama, the two words not just rhyme but go hand in glove. Our mind and soul work in unison; hence there is no point expecting to give your best in a physically decrepit condition.

    Most importantly, this goes for all those studious, dying for the best package engineers. Moreover, at this age, self esteem and body image consciousness rule all these young minds. Self esteem is very important for you to feel confident and often affects the way you act.

    Mental Exercise != Physical Exercise!!

    Lecture theaters, cafeterias, labs, common rooms are places that attract students towards an inactive and monotonous lifestyle. We often live in an illusion those hours of studying burns enough mental energy but actually, that does not suffice. Our mind and body need at least one hour of physical exercise on a per day basis to work efficiently. To succeed in academic studies one must keep aside some time for fitness; for health must not be slaughtered at the sake of learning.

    Colleges Offer Plethora of Opportunities

    You must utilize the opportunities your college offers. Gym is one of the coolest options to trigger off the stress plus, it gives you confidence along with a body to flatter. If you are more of an athletic type then you consider hitting the road before sun rise. That’s the best time to exfoliate each and every muscle of your body keeping you fresh and active all day long and I am sure you wouldn’t mind taking a friend along since two is better than alone.

    sports facilities at iit kanpur

    : Sports facilities at IIT Kanpur

    If you are lucky enough to study in a college that provides you, not only with tracks and huge grounds but also tennis, basketball, squash courts and other facilities then (I am sorry to say) you are the biggest fool to not avail yourself of them. In addition to improving physical capabilities, outdoor games also enhance our mental capabilities since they focus mainly on how alert our mind is. If you are more than just lazy and none of these seem to comfortable for you, don’t worry, there’s a way out for every type. You could walk or bike to class or other places you visit on a routine basis, quit using lifts and walk when you talk!

    Lack of Time = Lame Excuse!

    Lack of time is an excuse lying in every student’s pocket. If you lack time for a full fledged workout, you could try exercise sessions instead and perform them in increments throughout the day.
    stop making lame excuses
    Remember, over-exercise must not come in your way. It is not necessary for an engineering student to have the perfect body which most youngsters die for. What is more important is to stay fit. With excessive work load, adequate need and nutrition are as important as working out. A few steroids and some malnutrition can make you a star for a few nights but it could also take takeaway the charm from the rest of your life. With fitness comes appreciable physique and along with that comes a well built self esteem and self confidence.

    An optimistic outlook can help you build an impressive panache. All you need to know is, it’s not just about being “slim” but “slim and trim”.

    "Article contributed by our Guest Author - Ritika Dhingra"
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      nice article ritika..
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      This is not meant to be an advt for Reebok easytone or skechers shape up but does anyone have an opinion on using these shoes in everyday walking and shaping up your legs and backside. Anyone who has used these products and is willing to share his/her experience will be appreciated. I know what these companies have to say but would be more interested in customer opinions.