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  • New Format CAT '11 - Managing TIME KEY to SUCCESS!

    CAT 2011 may have a new format but it’s certainly not going to be a tougher nut to crack. All you need to do is get familiar with the format and be comfortable with the idea of answering the test on a computer.

    According to the convener of CAT 2011, Prof. Janakiraman Moorthy of IIM- Kolkata, the new CAT will have two sections — Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, followed by Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning — and you’ll be timed separately for each. That means you can only move sequentially from one section to the next and not go back and forth.

    Practice is another Key to Success!

    If the new format makes you a little jittery, take the practice tests that Prof. Moorthy and his team plan to prepare for CAT candidates. These will have sections timed according to the new format and the navigation and functionality of the actual test. Take these tests and get familiar with what lies ahead. And the good news is that CAT 2011 will have an internal corrective mechanism to ensure that the difficulty levels don’t vary across different test days and test centres.

    cat 2011 cracking strategies

    The first step is to get a grip on time. Says Kapil Verma, an IIM- Calcutta alumnus and regional academic head of the coaching institute T. I. M. E.: “Keep in mind that whatever be the changes in the test pattern, the difficulty level and number of questions will remain the same. Don't spend too much time tackling tougher questions, for all of them carry equal marks.”

    Your "Killer" Strategy

    The strategy for Quantitative Ability (QA) and Data Interpretation (DI) is to focus on career launcher cat tipsbuilding your knowledge base, improving your ability to calculate mentally, and maximising your score within the given time constraints by preparing yourself for a high-pressure situation.

    Till last year, Logical Reasoning (LR) and Verbal Ability (VA) accounted for 10 and 20 questions respectively. This ratio is likely to remain the same. Critical reasoning questions, however, cannot be ruled out in LR. Again, time management is a critical factor. With 70 minutes to answer 30 questions, you’ll have no reason to spend more than a necessary amount of time on LR. “Begin by identifying the sitters, the easy questions, which you must attempt first,” says Saaket Arora of Career Launcher. “Next, identify the questions you are not good at and frequently get wrong.

    Then, concentrate on those that you are sure you’ll get right.”But why let any question intimidate you? Take as many mock tests as possible in the new format. “ Practice, practice and practice more,” says Arora. Remember, yours is not the first batch ever to take the test in the present format. The test pattern was similar in 1996 and 1997, but the questions were simpler and far more in number.

    One rule of thumb is to start with the questions you know the answers to so that you have more time to tackle the intimidating ones...

    Article Credits: Education Mail
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    1. namita,nijhawan's Avatar
      namita,nijhawan -
      Thanks for the timely information. The first sentence of the article reads - "CAT 2011 may have a new format but it’s certainly not going to be a tougher nut to crack."Does it really matter whether the CAT 2011 will be tougher or easier ? We all know it is all relative if it is tougher it is tougher for everyone and vice-a-versa. However, we keep saying that entrance exam was very tough and feel bad about not having done as well as we would have if the questions were easier, not realizing that the other candidates, our competitors would have found it tough too. All of us tend to fall in this trap, including me.