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  • Bare-all DJ Stands UP for Women in Just the ‘Tricolour’

    DJ Jenny D Photoshoot
    GOING full monty seems to be the latest shortcut to stardom. Following the PETA route and shedding clothes for a cause looks even better. The latest to join the bare- all brigade is Goa- based DJ Jenny D who shocked the country on Independence Day by posing with nothing but a tricolour cloth covering her modesty.

    Jenny has posed in the nude for a so- called hard- hitting campaign supporting reservation for women promoted by an NGO, Citizens Action Forum.

    The photos, which have been clicked by Bollywood and fashion photographer Vickky Idnaani and are making rounds on the Internet, have invited the ire of political parties and Net surfers.

    Goa-based DJ Jenny D poses in nothing but a tricolour cloth covering her modesty on the Independence Day. Ironically, one of the campaign photos has the word ‘independent’ wrongly spelt (encircled in red). They have been shot by Vickky Idnaani.

    Inviting Political 'Ire'

    The BJP’s youth wing in Gurgaon has slammed the photo shoot and dubbed it a ‘besharm campaign.’ The BJP activists have reportedly demanded a ban on the photos posted on Facebook and other websites.

    Members of Pramod Muthalik’s Sri Ram Sena have also threatened to blacken DJ Jenny’s face and impose a ban on her in discos and pubs of Bangalore.

    Several Net surfers from all over the world, too, have protested against the photos and called them an insult to the national flag. Ali from Dubai posted on a website: “This is a disgrace to the national flag.. i completely object to the use of the national flag for propagating nudism and vulgar pictures. Indians stand up against this; she is doing it to gain personal publicity.”

    Another writes: “How does posing nude grant one independence? It’s true that it can be artistic; not vulgar at times… but what she forgot is that it’s India she is living in not Europe. All this is just extremely cheap publicity that shoots ones ratings off the charts!”

    Jenny Defends!

    DJ Jenny, however, claims that these pictures are only for supporting the Mumbai- based NGO’s awareness campaign launched on Independence Day.

    The campaign has been called ‘Are Women in India really Independent?’ and focuses on
    creating more jobs for women in areas such as the judiciary, local- self governments and other allied areas.

    Defending herself, Jenny says: “Those who are protesting and calling it an insult to the national flag should look at the picture more carefully. It is just a tricolour garment and not a national flag. There is no Ashoka Chakra on the garment.”

    “We demand more jobs for women, particularly in villages and small towns. Jobs for women in important positions of government, judiciary, police, local selfgovernment and financial institutions will reduce corruption in India and crime against women will come down drastically."

    “Women should have the freedom to choose their partners, choose the job or profession they want to do or feel inclined to take up and even choose their dress code or the outfits they want to wear. Women should be at par with men not just in the cities, but also in the smallest and remotest villages and small towns. On Independence Day after 64 years of Independence, women are still raped everyday in India. Teenage girls are forced into marriages that they are against and not in favour of,” Jenny said.

    Photographer Idnaani said: “The picture has been very aesthetically shot and there is nothing vulgar about the shot. DJ Jenny has posed in the nude for a purpose.”

    Article Credits: Mail Today