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  • Mayhem for Victory - Udghosh 2011 Annual Sports Fest IIT Kanpur

    Udghosh Sports Fest @ IIT Kanpur

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, which hardly needs an introduction to anyone, is all set to prove its right to be called one of the best institutes of the country once again with a grand inter-college sports festival coming up on their calendar.

    Udghosh, their annual inter college sports meet, is back with the same grandeur and zeal that it has been famous for since years. Our student ambassador @ IIT Kanpur reported that the registration for the events has already begun and the preparations for Udghosh 2011 are almost all in place. The festival will be held in the huge 1,050 acre campus of IIT Kanpur with all its state of the art sports facilities from 22nd September to 25th September.
    Udghosh 2011 Annual Sports Fest IIT Kanpur
    'Udghosh' does justice to its name which means proclamation in Hindi, with more than 1500 participants from all over the country getting together to celebrate 4 full days of ultimate sportsmanship. It includes a myriad of sports events like football,lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, athletics and loads more.

    The festival coordinator for Udghosh 2011 said, “The festival will start with an opening ceremony on 22nd September,2011 followed by four unbelievable days of complete enjoyment with a packed schedule of games and matches and other casual events and quizzes going on alongside. There is a huge stash of prizes to be won, cash and otherwise and all in all we’ve made all preparations to not let anyone who visits the festival return disappointed.”

    Another member of the core organizing committee mentioned, “Udghosh has always had one aim and that is to celebrate the importance of sports and the existence of sportsmen. It is a platform for college students from all over India to get together and interact and indulge in a fair game the way only the youth of a flourishing nation can.”

    Inspite of academics being the highest priority for these students who are often termed few of the brightest in the country, their interest in sports and promoting it is commendable. After months of hard work and strenuous preparation to ensure the the success of the event, with the final moment of glory so close, the organizers are only waiting for the teams to sign up and get their show on road. So prepare to get your adrenalin pumping and let the testosterone shoot sky high, for Udghosh 2011 is here, with more fire than ever.

    Events at Udghosh 2011

    1. Athletics Athletics Stadium
    2. Basketball Athletics Stadium/ Indoor Stadium
    3. Badminton Indoor Stadium
    4. Chess New SAC
    5. Cricket Cricket Ground / Athletics Stadium
    6. Football Football Stadium
    7. Hockey Hockey Stadium
    8. Squash Indoor Stadium
    9. Table-Tennis Indoor Stadium
    10. Tennis Tennis Court
    11. Taekwondo Indoor Stadium
    12. Volleyball Volleyball Court
    13. Weight-Lifting Gymnaisum
    14. Informal Events New SAC

    Opening Ceremony - Hockey / Football Field : 22nd September
    Closing Ceremony - Institute Auditorium : 25th Setpember