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  • A Very Happy 44th Engineers Day!!!

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    A very Happy Engineers Day to all the FaaDoO Engineers!

    September 15 is celebrated every year in the country as ďEngineersí DayĒ to commemorate the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Sir Visvesvaraya, an eminent Indian engineer and statesman was born in a remote village of Karnataka, the State that is incidentally now the Hi-tech State of the country.
    Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya
    Due to his outstanding contribution to the society, Government of India conferred ďBharat RatnaĒ on this legend in the year 1955. He was also called the precursor of economic planning in India. His learned discourse on economic planning in India, Planned Economy for India and Reconstructing India, was the first available document on the planning effort of the country and it is still held as the parent source matter for economic planners...

    A small poem that sums up Engineers & Engineering in the best way possible...

    I take the vision which comes from dreams
    and apply the magic of science and mathematics,
    adding the heritage of my profession
    and my knowledge of nature's materials
    to create a design.

    I organize the efforts and skills of my fellow workers
    employing the capital of the thrifty
    and the products of many industries,
    and together we work toward our goal
    undaunted by hazards and obstacles.

    And when we have completed our task
    all can see
    that the dreams and plans have materialized
    for the comfort and welfare of all.

    I am an Engineer
    I serve mankind
    by making dreams come true.

    - Anon

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    1. Saumya's Avatar
      Saumya -
      I Am the Very Model of an Engineering Graduate by Gary Friedman

      I am the very model of an engineering graduate;
      I work with systems and with problems both of nature delicate;
      Iíve studied properties of things in motion for the hell of it,
      Regurgitating answers to insure that my degree Iíll get;

      Iíve studied chemistry and learned the formulas of saturate
      Solutions in normality in labs that are immaculate,
      And programmed huge machines with large routines Iíve written just so that
      Infrequently will I encounter problems that I canít attack;

      Iím very good at systems both in digital and analogue;
      Have studied great philosophers; can quote to you their dialogue;
      Iíll work all day and never quit, that is if I can manage it;
      I am the very model of an engineering graduate.

      I use my Hewlett-Packard for the answers found in calculus,
      And problems most encountered in numerical analysis;
      It calculates proportions used in heart and lung dialysis;
      Eventually Iíll work for them and move to where Corvallis is.

      My interests are much greater than my friends and colleagues might believe;
      Iíve worked with magic and performed illusions written to deceive;
      In elementary schools Iíll work with children who do not receive
      The help and dedication they require so they might achieve.

      My years of work and study have allowed me to become involved
      In engineering problems that have only partially been solved.
      My grades, however, are the pits, and I donít really give a só,
      Thatís why I am the model of an engineering graduate.