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  • Techtatva Begins with a BANG at MIT, Manipal

    Author: Udit Dhonde, MIT Manipal
    Techtatva robotics at MIT Manipal
    Techtatva @ MIT Manipal, has started with a BANG! The sheer number of designs and models that were prepared on day 1 was overwhelming. It was amazing to see how everybody came together for the cause of learning. Here is a brief description of the major events that took place on Day 1--


    Azure the category under the Aeronautical Engineering department held the first round of its event MayDay on Day 1 of Techtatva'11. The event had over a 100 registered participants and with this crowd the event was going to have a brilliant start . The first round was a written paper designed to judge the contestants' knowledge on aviation and his aptitude. The event had two slots one from 4 to 6 pm. and the other from 6 to 7.30 pm. In all the event had encouraging participation and good organisation. It was appreciated by the air-plane enthusiasts who are now looking forward to and are hopeful to reach round two which would be a visual round investigating air-plane crashes.

    M.I.Q. kick-starts Day 1
    Amidst high anticipation and much publicized events, Acumen, the category which witnesses the maximum participation in Techtatva every year, held the first round of its event M.I.Q. (Manipal Intelligence Quotient) one of the first events to kick-start the fest. With the no. of registered participants around 400, the event had to be organised in 4 slots between 2 and 7 pm.

    Between big numbers and overlapping time-slots chaos and delay did reign for some time but ultimately the event prevailed. The round consisted of a written test in the format of a standard IQ test but many interesting puzzles and brain-teasers formed the tie-breaker questions. It was a grueling 80 minutes for contestants who are looking forward to knowing their IQ relative to MIT. The second round promises to be a plethora of puzzles and trick questions and pure logical hell for the contestants who get through this round.


    It’s a hot, sunny day, the kind of day that will make you want to drink all the cold drinks in the world. And at this point you see a bottle of Coke, what do you do? Drink it? Not if you are an MITian!!

    What an MITian does is make drag race cars out of coke bottles and Mentos! And what this leads to is an afternoon of whacky creativity and absolutely unconventional competition; and boy! Was it competitive! This event saw numbers that would put any event to shame.

    The only bad part about the whole affair was all the wasted coke…Damn you MITians!

    Now this was one event that even a cynic like me was eagerly looking forward to. And rest assured, my cynicism was justified!

    You see, while the premise of the competition was brilliant and appropriately challenging, what was disappointing was the lack of participation. With just 4 teams taking part, the show lost its appeal. However, its saving grace came in the nail-biting finish with two teams with two brilliant machines giving it their all; thus came a brilliant end to an otherwise off-colour event.


    App Whizz-“ In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?” :p
    the first round of this much-awaited event took place today. The objective was to create an extension for or browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and platforms like Facebook so as to increase the productivity of these applications.

    Problem statements were given to the participating teams. Teams had to do some programming work and had to prepare a presentation on their solutions to the problem statement.

    Building Blocks
    Mind your Machine- Even god is a civil engineer!! Under the civil department, this competition started off today with 34 teams participating in the first round. This round was basically an aptitude round, in which finally 10 teams, comprising of 2 members were selected. In the next round, the selected teams will be taken to various labs and will be acquainted with various processes. Equations will be given and accordingly the participants have to solve them.

    Robomover, might sound really heavy, but isn’t it just your little baby trying to run faster, fight things, pick things up? As it starts moving, you go holding your heart in your hands saying ‘Go Baby, Go!! Daddy’s right behind you!’ Nail biting moments when your robot just slips off the path, the happiness when it lets you win, know it all better ! And Gizmo had it all. On the whole a power packed start, though many robots couldn’t make it, you know your little thing can always get back and fight things out!

    Urja Rachna

    The event under the Energia Category was based on creating an alternative to replace any of the conventional lighting fixtures, using LEDs for the lighting purpose. The event witnessed the largest number of students participating since its inception three years ago. The judges marked on design, circuitry and logic used by the students. The ideas were truly innovative and it can be safely said that the lighting industry in the future would be safe in the hands of us MIT’ians.