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  • Waves: A melting pot of budding talent amongst the pristine sands of Goa!

    DJ Suketu waves BITS Pilani
    THE PRISTINE sands of Goa will again experience the frenetic activities of Waves. Much yearned and anxiously awaited, Waves- the biggest cultural festival of Goa, is ready to kick-start with a style of its own, promising quality participation with bigger prizes and prestige at stake than ever before. Since its humble inception in 2005, Waves has grown by leaps and bounds into one of the biggest cultural festivals in India, with an ever-increasing annual footfall. The enthusiastic efforts of the students, coupled with the heavenly sights of Goa, have made Waves a melting pot of budding talent from all over the country.

    And this time, Waves weaves itself with the theme of fusion, pure milavat, presenting a unique blend of offbeat and cultural events. The theme promises an aural treat of grunge mixing up with classical strings, some thumkas with elegant ball room dancing, a plethora of unusual blend of offbeat and cultural events, and super-charged, adrenaline filled special nights with truly unforgettable performances.

    The Waves Legacy
    Fashion Show at Waves BITS Goa- Cult Fest
    Waves from past two years witnessed a grand coming of age, marking the maturity of the festival on the national scene, and its inevitable ascent to steady international recognition. With two film roles under the Pritish Nandy Communications banner, a recording deal from Xion Labs, opportunities to work with fashion mogul Kaushal Ghosh and acting guru Nimit Kapoor, and performances at the Salsa India Festival and The Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, destined to adorn the winners’ platters, competition saw an all time high, drawing in crowds by the thousands.

    The success of Waves bears ample testimony to the enthusiasm, hard work, zest and sheer creativity that the students themselves possess. The departments – DoJMA, DoSM, DePP – dedicated to media affairs, sponsorship and public relations respectively, and many others are all working together on the tedious path to pull off an event of this magnitude with flying colors. The Core Committee (CoCo) for this year’s Waves has already been finalized as early as six months before the event and preparations are already in full swing. And going by the theme of ‘fusion, pure milavat’, this year’s Waves would be at its frenetic best with the special nights being the major crowd pullers.

    DJ at Waves BITS Goa - CUlt Fest

    The special nights, consistently the biggest performances in the state, exceeded expectations; with DJ Suketu, KK and Parikrama headlining the celebrity scene, enchanting the crowds into their own musical nirvana. From the inauguration graced by Vidya Balan, to performances by Slain, the prodigal Indian rock act, and The Fictitious Dance group, of Boogie Woogie fame, to the numerous celebrity judges scouting for raw talent at the 36 odd events, Waves has comfortably established itself as a haven for both revellers and competitive talent. With ongoing talks of international performances, scrumptious platters of professional creative workshops, and famed critics and creative studios in line to adorn the judging scene, Waves is all set to bring alive the exuberant revelry that defines the Goan culture.

    A Broad Range of Events...

    Encompassing a broad spectrum of events in categories ranging from music to literary, from dance to thespian and art; Waves has something for everyone. All through the festival, the campus is alive with fervour and activity, with various parts of the campus playing host to a myriad of events.

    To keep the participants occupied between events, Waves offers a plethora of workshops designed to enhance the knowledge and hone the skills in fields lying well beyond the realm of academics. From cooking to light painting, cocktail-mixing to the ventriloquism workshop, there is always something to attract even the most unconventional among us.
    Along with the traditional events like stage play and debate, waves has on offer a myriad of other shows and events that seek to showcase the talents of India’s most talented youngsters, drawing enormous crowds in its spell-binding wake. Chief among these superlatives are the Big Four - Sea Rock, Mr. and Ms. Waves, Natyanjali and Fash Parade.

    Sea rock is just not another gig where rockers’ music blares out loud. Winning is no mean feat as bands from every part of our vast and diverse Rock scene congregate to showcase their unique styles. It ranges from Metal and Rock Purists to fusions of Indian Music and mainstream rock. The Judges, of course, are of the highest caliber themselves, with the popular Thermal and a Quarter doing the honours for the last edition of Sea rock. At least 40 bands from all the quadrants of the country vied for the crowds’ attention during the last version of this musical extravaganza. The bands played for a hefty cash prize of INR 50000 accompanied by a recording contract.
    If this was not enough, Sea Rock this time has spread its wings out of Goa and has decided to go national with a bang, with first-round eliminations taking place in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune and Goa itself. This new feature will definitely go a long way in drawing more professional bands to the festival, thus increasing its zing value.

    Fashion Show at Waves BITS Goa - CUlt Fest

    Fashion Show at Waves BITS Goa - CUlt Fest

    For all dance enthusiasts, there is always Natyanjali which captures the exquisite talents of young dancers like no other. In the 2009 edition we witnessed one of the winners of Boogie Woogie - Fictitious Dance Group (HIP HOP Troupe) give a mind numbing performance to an absolutely jam-packed auditorium. In the Previous Winter Edition the Best Dancer (male/female) in Natyanjali got an important role in a Pritish Nandy Communications movie. Continuing its trend of style and fashion, Waves also plays host to Fash P (Fashion Parade), which provides an exciting opportunity to exhibit their confidence, grace, fashion designing skills. And each year we manage to get some of the kingpins of the fashion industries to judge the teams (indeed, in the latest season of Fashion Parade the Best Face (male/female) got a role in a movie by Pritish Nandy Communications, Ltd ).

    This year expect some breathtaking action from paint ball, slip soccer, watch some Guinness world records topple, performances from international rockstars, exhibitions and a wide range of informals. Be sure to be enthralled.

    These astounding achievements that Waves has accomplished within the few short years of its colourful existence clearly prophesizes the towering zeniths it has the potential to reach. This new edition of Waves with its thoroughly unconventional outlook and theme would look to achieve what no previous edition has ever been able to. Waves 2011 will kick-start on 3rd of November in its own unmistakable andaaz, promising fervent, vigorous and robust participation along with some seriously larger-than-life prizes to look forward to. From celebrating life last time, this winter we are back with a delicious mix and match of everything. So we present to you Waves Fusion, Pure Milawat. Do expect a blazing fantasy fest!
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