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  • Electrifying engineering: Vidyut '11 @ RV College of Engineering

    Vidyut 2011 - RVCE Bangalore
    Vidyut in the Holy Scripture Sanskrit means lightning, hence as the great power of lightning...oh alright alright! i can already hear u saying ‘duh! Boring!’ so let me make this more interesting for you fellow reader; we all know how much of adrenaline flows into us when it comes to the word “fest” in college! Awesome fun, cool events, loads of prizes to be won and most of all meeting new people and making friends! Well that multiplied a dozen times is Vidyut! Being a small part of the history of this fest gives me great excitement to share with you my experience!

    It all happened couple of years back where ‘the lightning’ had to be re-surged into history again, starting from the sponsorship, publicity, event management, hospitality, and infrastructure enthusiastic people pooled in everywhere, they say we as youngsters are not very mature but give them a fest to handle and u will see them at their best, be it being organized or multitasking or crisis management am sure to say we were at our best!

    And this was our first professional step in convincing people and to say “so can we!” after a long and a very memorable period of hard work that consisted of late night discussions, long travel to various places in Bengaluru, interacting with fellow mates of the department (Facebook just made it all the more better!), meetings with the head of the department (not me, but the story of the encounters i have heard makes it worth mentioning! ;)), hours of meeting in that hostel room which was the central hub! And finally there it was ready to strike everybody with excitement and fun!

    Every moment of those two days were absolute fun, just being there with an organizers' badge on, made me feel proud of how much we could achieve, we were successful in a journey which many had discouraged that we wouldn’t make it! Every event along with its simplicity was a great experience, it had everything from a common snake and ladder game turned into an amazing event, the technical events were at its creative best, well people were asked to design lighting networks for the Mysore palace!, the idea of an open debate on the education scenario of the country by very talented and excellent speakers was one of the best events! And even more exciting events to add such as fusion music competition, mad ads and so on, it had everything for everyone, a geek or the cool dude! In short to say it was Electrifying!

    The entire journey was not just about those two days, it was the process that brought us great experience and some very special memories and people to our life! The journey definitely brought a lot of that to me and my life has never been the same! It never ended in just those couple of days but it definitely surged up a new beginning in all of ours!

    I thank each and everyone who worked hard in making it happen and giving me a great memory, hats off to each one of them! Looking forward to see it in action again on November 4th and 5th! My best wishes to all those who are involved in recreating the magic!!!

    Vishnu Vardhan
    Dept. of EEE, RVCE
    Batch 2007-11