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  • Google gives Gmail a new look; rolls it out for all users

    Google has revamped Gmail after giving a preview last July; this look has more white space, less clutter, threaded conversations, new themes, and better search. Over the next several days, users will be prompted to switch to the new Gmail design with a link in the lower-right corner of their inbox.

    Eventually, it's going to become the default. Letís have a look at whatís changed and what is new:

    Streamlined conversations

    Conversation view has been redesigned to better help users read through their email threads and users can now see profiles pictures for their contacts.

    Elastic density

    Since Gmail is used in a variety of devices with different screen sizes, now the spacing between elements on the screen will automatically change based on the kind of display being used. Although, users can also choose to manually change the density from the Settings menu.

    New H.D themes

    A new set of high resolution themes (with imagery provided by iStockphoto) have been added and most of the old favourites as well and the userís theme will be automatically carried over to the new look.

    Smarter navigation

    The navigation panel on the left will keep labels and chat contacts in view at all times. It is also more customizable in the sense that users can resize the labels and chat areas if they want to see more or hide the chat area entirely via the chat icon in the lower left. Users can also use the arrow keys to navigate around the interface.

    Better search

    Users can access a new advanced search panel by clicking the drop-down in the search box that makes it easier and faster to find exactly what you are looking for. Users can also use the same panel to create a filter from any search.

    Smart new look!

    Google has also made changes in the layout and colour. They have also minimized or removed borders in certain areas to create a cleaner look. Some of the specific improvements have been made to; Options at the top; Using labels, chat, and gadgets; Reading your messages; Search and filters; Settings; and finally Contacts.

    Our take
    One of the major drawbacks of this redesign is that the total viewable area at one-go has decreased considerably which will force the user to scroll more in order to view more content. The chat window has got its own scroll feature which is a good thing since now you donít have to scroll down the whole page to look at the contacts that are available for chat.

    Also, the new advanced search panel provides detailed search options and the overall working speed of Gmail has also increased. The overall feel is better but takes time getting used to; especially since the options buttons no longer have names describing their functions as was the case in the earlier version.

    Here's an in-depth look at Gmail's new design-

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      vrishtisingh -
      Nice upgradation.........thanks Google.....