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  • TEDxBITSGoa 2012 - "This is my story"

    On the night of 12th October, 1968, when the clock hath struck 12 in the cold midnight, a son was born to a prosperous doctor in Bangalore, India (now Bengaluru). The new-bornís family seemed to be well off until his father died, a few months after his birth. His destitute and illiterate mother now had to eke out a living as a maid in houses, striving for even one among the many smithereens of a penny, a hapless piece of hope. He studied till around the fourth standard after which he dropped out of school. However, with an aptitude for put together small entities like twigs and pieces of steel to make elaborate mechanical entities, he was soon using his inventive mind to support his family with various inventions.

    Today, after being appointed research coordinator at IIIT(International Institute of Information Technology), Hyderabad which is quite unthinkable for a school dropout, with numerous patents to his name, and over a hundred useful inventions to his name, including a community washing machine he claims reuses water seven times and a new design for the common electric fan that is said to be much improved over the current one, no one can be but impressed by him, and more importantly, his story. Here is a man who can say he has proven himself and has bested all challenges that life threw at him.

    However, how much ever inspirational and amazing his story may be, he is but one man among the seven billion living today. The inspiration lies in his story, not his name. The world is filled with many other like him, each one with a story that will never cease to amaze. In this world, every small corner has an untold story waiting to be told, a story that might not blow your mind, but a story that might make you pause the pace of your life just to answer to the mild cry within you to listen to a brotherís woe and happiness.

    A story is a curious thing. For one thing, a good one will live on, serving its purpose for millennia. A story captures the essence of an experience. There are many forms, some for entertainment and some inciting self-review; some describing a tragedy and some lamenting a soliloquy. Every person has one. However, among the mundane, you can find the truly breathtaking ones, those of people living their lives as they see fit. At the heart of such stories lie passion and inspiration. Passion and inspiration so deep that put on the right platform and told by the right person, these stories can, and will, give an experience that will change the lives of people who listen to them. This, is the power of a story.

    From the organising team of the hugely successful TEDxBITSGoa 2011, we now bring you, TEDxBITSGoa 2012 - "This is my story"

    Being held at BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa campus on 19th February 2012, we bring you plethora of stories from among the many the world has to offer. Inspiration, passion and experience, we have it all. Get ready, to be amazed.

    Be there!

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