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    Hey FaaDoOs!!! For the first time ever play to win daily free mobile recharges!! Take part in exciting contests on and win free prizes worth Rupees 900 every day!!!! Also, cool bumper prizes to be won every week.

    We know you all are under tremendous stress owing to your semester exams, but all work and no play will make you a Faaltoo and not a FaaDoO Engineer!!!

    So, let your Big Bro ( help you de-stress and lighten up your mind with our fun filled F! Contests…

    Here’s a list of super cool contests starting shortly on

    1. Wild West #MoodIndigo2011 - A cowboy and a cowgirl are madly in love with each other. Some tough guy kidnapped his girlfriend. Do you have the guts to fight and save back your girl?

    Play to win back the girl and get a cool FREECHARGE VOUCHER of Rs.500 everyday!! Also Weekly BUMPER Prizes worth Rs. 2600 to be won!!

    2. Mastermind of the day - Planning to become an MBA? Or wanna take the GRE route? Or are you tired of studying and wanna jump into a job straight after your engineering?? Whatever be your interest, one thing is for sure – you are going to come across a lot of ‘aptitude’ questions along your way to realizing your dreams!

    Match your wits against one daily puzzler of a question! And who knows if you are the first one to crack it, you might just be the winner of a Rs.100 mobile recharge!!

    3. LOL of the day - Full of fun, masti and humour, this easy to play contest will make you dig deep into those shelves of laughter and come up with wittiest and wackiest of jokes, images, videos or anything that you find funny.

    Simply post it on the LOL of the day thread for that day and if your ‘LOLer’ manages to get most ‘Likes’ for the day, then you will be the winner of a free Rs.100 mobile recharge. Yes! It’s as simple as that……And yes, you can win these recharges EVERYDAY!!

    4. Innovator of the Day- The pillars of the ongoing technology revolution - the thinkers, the masters, the INNOVATORS; where would we be without them! Each one of you knows a Steve Jobs who has pioneered such amazing mobile technology, each one of you knows an Einstein who gave us such brain racking theory of relativity. But do you think you know it all?

    Test your ‘Innovator Quotient’ with this unique contest and stand to win Rs.100 mobile recharge everyday!!

    5. FaaDoO of the Day
    - Do you Love to pass your time on this website? Do you think it’s the best website for all the engineers in this country?

    Show us how much you love browsing and posting on this site and take away a Rs.100 mobile recharge everyday!!

    So, what are you waiting for?? Don’t be an “all hat and no castle”. Grab this golden chance to take part in exciting contests and win cool mobile recharges every day!!!

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    1. Saumya's Avatar
      Saumya -
      Nice contests...way to go FE!!
    1. alok10's Avatar
      alok10 -
      very good contest ..but how to play?
    1. vshank7's Avatar
      vshank7 -
      so big bro, how we gonna get that money...?
    1. Neeraj Lohani's Avatar
      Neeraj Lohani -
      nice but how to play?