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  • Masters at IITs likely to start training engineering faculty

    faculty training at iits
    THE responsibility of alleviating the problem of faculty crunch in engineering institutes across the country could soon lie with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)s.

    A sub- group of the Planning Commission has strongly recommended that the IITs should start a special Masters programme to train engineering faculty.

    “The plan is to set up a new part- time Masters’ Degree in Engineering Education to be conducted by the IITs.

    The degree designed for faculty from engineering colleges will be conducted online, through live video lectures… It is estimated that six to seven thousand young faculty can be handed out each year,” states the report on technical education submitted by the sub group recently.

    As an alternate solution, the report has also suggested that the IITs could start a dual Masters degree tailor- made to ensure that the students graduate with a degree in a specific domain and also one in teaching and pedagogy.

    “Due to shortage of faculty, many engineering colleges are forced to recruit fresh engineering graduates as teachers. These fresh recruits need training in pedagogy as well as knowledge upgradation.. Another proposal would be to introduce a new three- year programme leading to a dual Masters i. e. an MTech degree in the domain area and a Masters degree in educational skill and pedagogy,” the report stated.
    Source: Mail Today