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  • Pakistani rock band RAETH to perform LIVE at ELAN 2012

    Pakistani rock band RAETH to perform LIVE at ELAN 2012
    THIS IS IT! The heart of the biggest party of all time! We continue our tradition of bringing you performances and events with a difference, with the latest in our repertoire! Elan 2012 proudly presents RAETH- The Band who’ve come all the way from Pakistan to rock Hyderabad and Elan! Raeth is known for a unique combination of Rock music with the soulful sufi influence that is found in the sub-continent. So get ready for a soulful infusion of rock n’ roll.

    Raeth is a Pakistani rock band which has followed Junoon, Strings and Jal into the hearts of the Indian people. Their most popular song ‘Bhula do’ is one that we’ve all hummed as it danced over the border into India. The band lists Iron Maiden, GunsNRoses, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kishore Kumar and Incubus as their musical influences.

    If anyone in Hyderabad didn’t know already that Elan is here, well, we’ve just announced ourselves again! See you on the 21st January for what, we guarantee, will be one of the most enjoyable evenings you have ever spent!

    The party is at Elan! Be there!

    Venue: IIT Hyderabad
    Time: 19:00 hrs
    For more details visit: Elan 2012 - IIT Hyderabad Cult Fest
    Contact: Nithin Nayak | +91-75699 17180 |

    - Elan 2012 Editorial Team