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  • Blackberry enters the 'Battle of Apps' with an eye on the Youth!

    blackberry for youth
    BLACKBERRY-MAKER Research in Motion (RIM) is all set to shed its business-only image in India by adding more applications and fun element to make the smartphone more attractive to young mobile users.

    The company on Friday launched Play-Book OS 2.0, an upgraded version of the operating system for its Play-Book tablet, in the Indian market.

    The new operating system features integrated email solution where users have the option to use a unified inbox consolidating all messages from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as personal and work emails in one place, including the ability to run Android based applications.

    The OS also provides improved mobile productivity with updated document editing functions and increased control and manageability of corporate data with BlackBerry Balance and is available for free download for all Play-Book tablets.

    “The upgraded version has people-centric calendar and a range of new communications and productivity enhancements as well as expanded app and content support,” said Ranjan Moses, carrier product manager, RIM. The firm is feeling strong competition from rival Android- based phones and Apple’s iPhone. Even Nokia has switched over to Windows- based phone that is more interactive and user- friendly.


    Feeling the heat, RIM is also focusing on making the phone more integrated and adding more applications to it. “We are looking at making it more useful without missing out on entertainment,” Moses added.

    The RIM-Blackberry Highlights:
    • According to RIM, what gives the phone an edge over others is the Blackberry Messenger Service, which is quick without adding burden to the young mobile users’ pockets.
    • The company has rolled out schemes such as Go BBM, which allows for free BBM service for new Blackberry Curve customers for the first year.
    • RIM had limited options compared to other operating systems in mobile applications. But now, it has shifted its focus to mobile applications.
    • The smartphone-maker is developing games which can be integrated with the Messenger Service and has also announced plans for a new platform called BlackBerry 10, which it claims would be focused for gamers.
    • At present, BlackBerry App-world has about 51,000 apps, out of which, nearly 50 per cent are gaming and entertainment apps.

    Source: Mail Today