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  • 10 Last minute tips to maximize your score in BITSAT 2012

    What IPL is to Cricket fans is what BITSAT is to students aspiring to enter the best engineering colleges in India - BITS! With the BITSAT exam scheduled to start in a couple of days, we present some last minute tips and strategies for all BITSAT 2012 exam takers. It does not take just preparation, but strategy, intelligence as well as presence of mind to secure a seat in BITSAT.

    About BITSAT 2012: BITSAT has 150 objective questions to be attempted in 3 hours on a computer. The questions are divided in four sections:

    a) Mathematics - 45 questions
    b) Physics - 40 questions
    c) Chemistry - 40 questions
    d) English and Logical Reasoning - 25 questions

    Read on to find out how to score more in “those” 3 hours:

    1. Revise from NCERT: At this point of time just go for prescribed exam syllabus and be sure you don’t pick any topic beyond it because it just waste your time so start revising your 11th and 12th standard NCERT syllabus for mathematics, physics and chemistry because BITSAT test requires applications of formulae, and involves logic that you have learnt up to 11th and 12th standard.

    2. Focus on your strengths: At the last moment of the exam, start revision with the topic in which you are most confident and leave those topics in which you are weakest since the whole year.

    3. Get Familiar with the format of the exam: BITSAT is totally an online test. It is really important for students to get familiar with the pattern so make sure you have a working knowledge of computer and are comfortable using the keyboard and the mouse.

    4. Work on Speed and Accuracy: BITSAT is an online exam, so you need to be more accurate and faster while solving the questions. It takes extra time when you solve questions on paper and mark your answer on computer so work on speed and accuracy. While practicing mock tests, it is really important that you answer maximum questions. Always pay attention to that how much time you are consuming while solving a particular section.

    5. Attempt mock BITSATs: BITSAT exam is one of the toughest entrance exams of the country. The questions asked in BITSAT are tougher as compared to AIEEE. To know the level of difficulty aspirants should solve previous year’s papers. It will give them idea about the difficulty level of the exam. As there is a negative marking of 1 marks for every incorrect answer, try to avoid wild guessing during solve mock papers.

    6. Work on fundamental concepts: To score good in BITSAT exam it is very important that your basic concepts should be clear. You must have a good understanding of basic concepts so study and understand concepts from NCERT/ other text books because most of the questions which are asked in the exam are based on that only.

    7. Improve your calculation speed: You are not allowed to use a calculator for solving mathematical questions. It is, thus, important to brush up on your calculation skills. Remember multiplicative inverses of each number till 20. For example X/4 = X*0.25. You may also learn Vedic multiplication for BITSAT 2012.

    8. Time management: Time management can help you succeed in BITSAT entrance. Prefer morning time for the study. Allocate a specific time to every section and try to complete the section within that time frame.

    9. It is good to take breaks: It is always good that you take enough breaks to calm yourself. Take short breaks as it will increase your memory and brain power. A sound sleep and small breaks will help you a lot to develop your concentration.

    10. Be Confident: Confidence and consistency come after patience. Do not panic if you are stuck or falling behind time as it will only worsen things further.

    The Mystery of THE BONUS QUESTIONS: There are 12 bonus questions in the end of the paper which can only be attempted after attempting ALL other questions. Attempting these questions is a critical decision for every candidate.

    Here is a useful guide to learn more about these bonus questions: The Mystery of THE BONUS QUESTIONS: Click Here to read >>

    With all these tips for Online BITSAT 2012, your probability of getting into a premium engineering institute of India increases substantially. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to shoot a question in the forums. We will get back to you ASAP.

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