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  • Nearing the launch of the iPhone 5 in India, Apple gives a price cut to the older models!

    iPhone fans, rejoice! We may be nearing the official announcement for the iPhone 5 in India. Yesterday, Apple slashed the prices of it's older models, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, strongly suggesting that the iPhone 5 may be on it's way to enter the Indian markets.

    But! If you thought that the phones are priced reasonably now, you might have to think again! After the price cut, the iPhone 4S now costs Rs. 41,500 (down by Rs. 3000 from earlier Rs. 44,500) and the iPhone 4 will now set you back by to Rs. 28,500 ( down from the earlier Rs. 37,900, saving you Rs. 9400). As far as the 3GS goes, Apple has decided to discontinue the model in India.

    Still, the question is, why would you buy an older iPhone now? iPhone 4S, now costs the same as the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is miles ahead in terms of technical specifications and features. All that and a Gigantic screen. That would make the Note 2 a clear choice over the 4S (until and unless you're an Apple fanboy, of course!).

    As far as the iPhone 4 goes, the model is nearing the end of it's lifetime and we won't be surprised if Apple decides to discontinue the phone when it launches the next iPhone. Plus, if you have a little more to spend, you could get the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X, both of which would offer so much more than the iPhone 4. ( Again, sorry Apple fanboys!)

    Still, if you are one of the few who always wanted to have an iPhone but never bought it due to the high price, now is a good time to get your hands on one.

    Though nothing has been said about the launch of the iPhone 5 in India, we expect it to reach our shores around Diwali. The price of the iPhone 5 is expected to be above Rs. 50,000.