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  • I'd be working at Microsoft if Facebook had flopped, says Mark Zuckerberg!

    Mark Zuckerberg, world's youngest billionaire and founder of the world's most popular Social networking website, Facebook has surprisingly revealed that if Facebook hadn't worked out the way it did, he would've probably taken up an engineering job at Microsoft.

    "I probably would have taken an engineering job...(and) always had a lot of respect for Microsoft. A lot of people from Harvard went to work there," said Zuckerberg during an interview with Paul Graham, co-founder of the tech venture capital fun Y Combinator at Stanford University's Memorial hall.

    The 28-year old Zuckerberg was quite enthusiastic as he told the audience about his experience of starting a company and discussed about the problems with entrepreneurs these days, while speaking at the annual conference for entrepreneurs and computer hackers at Stanford University.

    Zuckerberg also talked about his initial years at Harvard, and how he managed to establish one of the biggest companies in the world. Mark also described how he planned for other things if Facebook had turned out differently. Though now, Facebook is amongst the topmost visited pages on the web and recently added 1 billion users worldwide, but Mark revealed his thoughts about how he planned to go down to Seattle and join Microsoft, if Facebook had flopped.

    Commenting on how Mark's parents realized that he would drop out of college soon after joining it, he said,"My life is a long history of people thinking I would drop out of school long before I did."

    "I started building Facebook because I wanted it at college, which is one of the ironies, since I then left college,"Mark added.

    Mark admitted that time is one of the biggest constraint for the emerging entrepreneurs today but they should ensure that they have enough time to "bake the product". Mark later said, "Facebook did grow quickly, but it took a year for us to get a million users. It wasnít as quick as a lot of things grow today. Having that time to bake was valuable for us."

    But nonetheless, there's one interesting connection between Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft! Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft had too dropped out of Harvard, back in 1975.
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