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  • Microsoft Winows 8 goes on sale, offers upgrade at Just Rs.1999

    Yesterday, Microsoft officially launched the latest iteration of itís flagship, Windows operating system, the Windows 8.

    With more than a billion users to boast about, Microsoft leads the way when it comes to PC operating systems.

    But Windows 8 is being seen as a make-or-break deal for Microsoft, as of late, it has been losing itís ground to various mobile computing devices.

    Microsoft has given the Windows 8 a completely new user interface which is very attractive to look at, offers faster booting times and the applications run pretty well on the new operating system.

    The world is moving towards touchscreens and Microsoft realizes this fact. With Windows 8, Microsoft steps in the future as it gives the world, a more touch-oriented OS. It can still be used with a keyboard and a mouse, but with a touch screen enabled device, youíll know the real capabilities of Windows 8. Though, all this seems a nice step forward, but it comes with itís share of cons!

    Firstly, there is a lot of confusion among the users regarding the new Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft hasnít really been able to reach out to the users to explain the new OS to them. Secondly, a large number of users are still not sure about the difference in the two versions of the new OS, Windows 8 and Windows RT. And then, letís face it, there are a hell lot of things that are still unknown to the users.

    But all in all, itís a refreshing change that Microsoft has given to itís users and in our opinion, people might take a little bit in getting used to the new OS, but theyíll love it nonetheless.

    As far as pricing goes, Microsoft is making smart move by offering the new OS at quite reasonable prices ( for a limited time though). If you have bought a Windows 7 running PC in June or later this year, Microsoft lets you upgrade to Windows 8 Pro edition at just Rs.699. This offer valid for all thw Windows 7 Pcís that are sold till January 31, next year. To if you are eligible for the upgrade, head over to the Microsoft website and claim it before February 28,2013.

    Have you bought your PC before June 2012 but want to upgrade to Windows 8? Donít worry! Microsoft will let you download the Windows 8 Pro edition at a still reasonable price of Rs.1,999. But if you want to buy the retail pack and install Windows 8 from a DVD, then youíll have to shell out Rs.3,499 for it.

    Once you install Windows 8, youíll also have access to the Windows App store which is growing a decent pace with 700 Apps being added daily in itís inventory.

    Now, the other big question that lures around the new OS. What is Windows RT? Well, Windows RT is a scaled down version of Windows 8 that is basically meant to be used on a computer or a tablet (like the Microsoft Surface) that is powered by an ARM processor. Windows RT is designed to offer a better performance if you plan to use a Windows based tablet and itíll probably give a better battery life too. But it has a limited functionality if you compare it to a Windows 8 powered Desktop/Notebook.

    Thus, if you have a Desktop/Notebook that runs on an Intel or AMD processor, (well, almost all our PCís/notebooks run on them, right?) youíll have to install Windows 8 and NOT Windows RT.

    Finally, if you love the windows 8 already and are planning to upgrade, hereís the Minimum hardware requirement that you need to run Window 8 on your machine:

    You need to have a device with a 1GHz or faster processor and a minimum 1GB/2GB of RAM (32, 64 bit respectively), 16GB free hard disk space for a 32-bit version and 20GB of free space for 64-bit version. You device should support a DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. You would also need a minimum screen resoltuin of 1024 x 768.

    If you plan to buy a new device, youíll have plenty of options as 14 manufacturers would be unveiling their range of Windows 8 powered PCís, laptops and tablets for the Indian market.