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  • Windows Phone 8: 12 New features that make it desirable

    Last Monday, on October 29, Microsoft officially launched it's latest smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8.

    Microsoft trails to the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems, and with it's new OS, the company would hope to increase it's market share in the smartphone segment.

    But in this highly competitive market, Microsoft needs some compelling devices to carry the Windows Phone 8 OS forward. The company also showcased five new smartphones that would be launched soon worldwide. These include HTC's 8X and 8S, Nokia's Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 and the Samsung Ativ S.

    There's no doubt that Windows Phone 8 OS is simply amazing to look at and has got a fresh feel to it, but does it offer any innovative new features that makes the users shift to the new platform? Well, that's for the consumers to decide but today, we take a look at the 12 'killer' features that Windows Phone 8 offers.

    More customizable Home and Lock screens

    • The Windows Phone 8 still features the same, live-tiles interface but this time, users will have more options to personalize it as the start screen has been more customizable.
    • Also, Windows Phone 8 can now support screens with HD resolutions.
    • The live tiles that you saw on Windows Phone Mango, can now be re-sized as per the users requirement in small, medium and large sizes.
    • Microsoft has also customized the Lock screen on Windows Phone 8 and now, users can add widgets that will display notifications and other information.\

    Support for multi-core processors

    • One major problem with the previous version of Windows Phone OS was it's inability to work on multi-core processors. But, it overcomes this flaw with Windows Phone 8, as now, it can support processor with up-to 64 cores!
    • With this, Multitasking should become way more efficient on Windows Phone 8 and your phone should feel quite zippy as compared to the previous versions.

    NFC support and Micro-SD storage expansion

    • Lack of ability to expand the storage with an SD was one of the things that always made the users think twwice about the Windows Phone OS, but now that too has been taken care of, as now, Windows Phone 8 supports Micro-SD storage expansion. SO, you shouldn't be limited to just the storage capacity provided by the manufacturer.
    • Also, Microsoft has added NFC support to it's new OS and that's again, a neat addition.

    Three factors to rule this segment: Apps, Apps and Apps!

    • No matter how many new features Microsoft manages to add to the Windows Phone OS, one thing that will be the biggest determining factor it's success would be the Apps availability in the Windows Phone store.
    • With WP8, Microsoft has been quite impressive as far as Apps are concerned and many popular Apps like UrbanSpoon, Temple Run, and Pandora are now available on the platform. It also gets new, improved Facebook, Skype, and Twitter apps.