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  • The top 5 time management tips for every Engineering student!

    Let's get this straight! During the entire life as a college student, one of the most difficult things is time management. You have so much to do in the limited amount of time you have.

    You have to attend you classes, fulfill social commitments, spend time with your family, work out in the gym and many more of the million such things that might be on your priority list.

    Trying to manage so many things at the same time can leave you mixed up between stuff if you don't have a proper schedule for all such things.

    So, today we list the five most important time management tips that would ensure that you're able to give time to each and every thing, that's important for you.
    • Always, always maintain a to-do list!

    There might be a billion things that you need to do in the coming 24 hours of your life. While you're at something, chances are that there would be at least one or two things that would slip out of your mind. So, we advice that you maintain a to-do list so that you have a track of all the things that's you've completed.

    That way, you won't miss out on the things that are yet to be done.

    • Compromising on your sleep is a big NO

    No matter how much stuff still remains to be done, always make sure that you have time to catch some sleep. Even is your body is still raring to go, a good sleep would ensure that you have a fresh mind to complete the remaining things.

    Resting for a while would make you look back at the developments of the day and probably even some ideas for the remaining stuff.

    • During the exam time, start prioritizing things

    Ideally, there shouldn't be such a situation where you have to leave out stuff due to lack of time. But, if there is, you should give priority to the courses that have more importance in your final results.

    It can happen that you don't meet all the deadlines that you've set for yourself. If you can foresee such a situation, try breaking down stuff into smaller pieces and you would see things becoming a bit simpler.

    • While you're attending the lecture, concentrate all your attention in the class

    Most of us never pay attention during the lecture and are busy doing something or the other. As time passes by, you would realize that things would have been much better if for those 30-35 minutes, you could've payed attention to the teacher and not anything else.

    So, start paying attention while you're sitting in a lecture and try to gain the maximum in that time. That way, the time you take while going through the same stuff again during the exams, would be reduced buy a big margin.

    • Time management during the exam!

    Well, how many times have you seen students screaming that the time was too less to complete the paper! To make sure that you never face such a situation, follow one simple rule: Start solving questions that carry the maximum weightage first. That way, you're giving yourself a chance to maximize your score. And during the last few minutes, you'll be left with those questions that carry little weightage and can be answered precisely.

    Following these tips would surely help you utilize your time in a more efficient way.
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      These study tips are awesome everyone of it is the most important one in any student's life. Thanks for giving them . I would definetely follow them up in my life from today itself.
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      Nice but it is depends up to me how fast my writting speed..
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      hmmmmm, I agree. Very nice tips, but affected by many factors.
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      yaa...Time mangment is most affecting factor in our whether we are in student life or in our job life...but It's too difficult to manage time for me.haaa..
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      NICE lines that are told
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      somewhat it is good but depends upon the students of their situation
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      nice tips helped me alot
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      really useful tips...thank you...
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      yes,time management is very important to us
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      u r correct somewhat confusing
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      excellent tips.......thank u.
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      mange your energy according to time is the best way
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      nice guide but how can i improve my writting speed?