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  • US lawyer sues Microsoft over internal storage claims of the Surface

    Unhappy with his newly acquired Microsoft Surface tablet, a California based lawyer has sued Microsoft for misleading general public about the storage capacity of its latest Surface tablet.

    Lawyer Andrew Sokolowski from California claims that he bought the 32GB variant of Microsoft Surface but while adding media file on to the tablet, he quickly ran out of storage space.

    When he checked his device for potential reasons to this problem, he found out that out of the 32GB internal storage, only half of the original storage space, 16GB was available to the user while the reaming half was not accessible by the user.

    In a response to this event, the company issued a statement which said, "Customers understand the operating system and pre-installed applications reside on the deviceís internal storage thereby reducing the total free space."

    In his law suit, Sokolowski accuses Microsoft of false advertising and unfair business practices that mislead the consumers who are willing to buy the Microsoft Surface tablet.

    While it is a fact that all the other devices such as the iPhone, other smartphones and even storage devices have some space that's unavailable to the user, but in case of the Surface, a whooping fifty percent of the space is not accessible by the user. Considering that, the lawyers complaint does seem to be genuine.

    But Microsoft too, can't be blamed here as it has clearly stated in it's website that the Surface comes with only 16GB of free space that's available to the user whereas it explains the reasons why the other half is being eaten up by various pre-installed apps.

    While Microsoft's website mentions the reasons for eating about 16GB of available memory, it also advices the users on ways to increase the space on the tablet more like using SkyDrive (cloud storage), a USB flash drive or storage expansion through a Micro-SD card slot.

    Here are some quick specs of the Microsoft Surface (windows RT):

    • Nvidia Tegra 3-powered
    • 10.6-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution
    • 32GB storage; Micro-SD expansion slot
    • Full sized USB ports
    • Price: $499