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New Words For 2011 From Oxford English Dictionary

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New Words For 2011 From Oxford English Dictionary

Remember the colour or color of your first dictionary? If you grew up in India then you might remember thedark blue cover of the Oxford English Dictionary with a dash of red and green somewhere on the cover. And no, we did not have a CD included with our version of the Oxford English Dictionary. It has been ages since I opened an Oxford English Dictionary, but I still vividly recollect that dark blue cover.
Did you have to carry a copy of the Oxford Dictionary to school? We did. Did you know how to use the dictionary? We had some understanding, but not a nuanced one of how to use the dictionary, but we used it nonetheless to learn and look up new words. “Look up the word,” was a favorite refrain from our English teachers. I suspect that gentle reminder has stayed with most of us to this day.
What I did not know then is that the Oxford English dictionary revises and adds new words every year. It seems that that exercise of revising and adding new words has become a far more interesting one since the advent of Internet. A couple of days ago the good folks at Oxford published the new list of words for 2011.
A quick glance at the list of new words for 2011 highlights that many of these words have been in use by young people, students and executives for a long time. Perhaps like you what caught my attention was LOL and OMG, but other words also caught my attention.Take the word drill-down, which has been in use for many years now and has almost become a hackneyed phrase. Or the word “dotted-line” that is so frequently used by folks in Silicon Valley that sometimes you wonder if there is an alternate word that can be used. Or what about “la-la-land?” Boy, that is a word that I have been using for more than 15 years. Now, this word had me: “dot-bomb.” Really? Dot-bomb? This, after over 11 or 12 years?
Going through the list of words got me thinking. I wonder what is the process by which these new words get added? Why does it take so long to approve some of these words? Is that why slang exists? Has there been an increased blurring of slang words and proper words over the last 10 years or maybe from the time of MTV? Wonder when some of these cute, misspelled words (that sometimes have me bothered) will be included? U know da ones used in 160c tweets & msm…


  1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    "140c oxford" probably becomes a huge book. :p
  2. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Wow...!!!! interesting one.....