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WeFi – Automatically Detect And Connect To WiFi Around You

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WeFi – Automatically Detect And Connect To WiFi Around You

Do you find it hard to detect the wireless hotspots near you? Most of the computers and mobile phones now are capable of connecting to WiFi and they have their own connection manager. However, if you’re not satisfied with its built-in connection manager because it cannot detect all the WiFi access points near you, then that’s the time you should check out WeFi, an awesome program that helps you find, connect, and enjoy WiFi anywhere around the world.
WeFi doesn’t only lets you connect to the best internet connection, it also provides you with an instant messaging tool that allows you to chat with your buddies and see where there are currently connected.

How to use WeFi:
1. Download and install WeFi. (For Windows / Mac / Mobile Phones)
* During the installation, you will be asked if you want to install the WeFi toolbar and WeFi search engine, if you don’t want to install this (because it can add clutter to your web browser), choose Custom installation and uncheck Toolbar.

* Before the installation ends, you’ll be asked if you want WeFi to automatically connect you to WiFi hotspots, if that’s okay with you, click I Agree (Auto-connect mode). However, if you want WeFi to request a confirmation from you before connecting to a spot, click I Don’t Agree (Manual mode).

2. Once installed, launch WeFi. Since it’s the first time you run it, you’ll be asked to create a WeFi account for free. When you have an account, you can map WiFi, locate friends and chat with them. If you don’t want to experience these benefits and you just want WeFi to help you detect and connect to WiFi around you, click Skip.

3. WeFi will automatically scan the area if there’s any WiFi connection.

4. WeFi’s interface is so simple and user-friendly. Once you’re connected, you’ll be shown the speed and the signal of your WiFi connection and the number of users connected to it.
5. If you create an account, you can map your location so you can help other people find free WiFi easily. You can also chat with other users.

If you cannot find free WiFi near you but you really need to get online, WeFi has a premium version that allows you to access more than 90,000 premium hotspots globally.
To help you get high quality Wi-Fi in key locations where there is no free, reliable Wi-Fi, WeFi partnered with various providers of high quality Wi-Fi Hotspots, and you can get online at more than 90,000 premium locations around the world by subscribing to WeFi Premium™.
When you subscribe to WeFi Premium™, you get a “bank” of Wi-Fi connection minutes that you can use to access more than 90,000 premium hotspots globally. Once you subscribe, you will be automatically connected to WeFi Premium™ Hotspots in places where no free Wi-Fi is available.


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    It is awesome.know i will try this we fi in my mobile phone.thanx for the knowledge buddy
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