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‘International year of Chemistry ’

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‘International year of Chemistry ’

The year 2011 is being celebrated as the International year of Chemistry. This year is also the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize being awarded to Marie Curie and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies. The decision to celebrate ‘Chemistry’ emphasize that “chemistry is a creative science, which is essential for sustainability, and is critical for ensuring food and water supplies, developing alternative energy sources, and so on”. Through the sure and steady advancement of Chemistry in all the fields, our life is going to be a lot better, easier, smoother, faster and happier in future. Chemistry, has its presence felt as a provider of basic amenities to the world and then as a supplier of luxury and comfort in all walks of life. The future of Chemistry lies mainly in the fact that how it addresses the issue of environmental protection. The baby steps in the form of Green Chemistry, Hydrogen Economy etc may not be just enough and newer ideas and techniques are urgently required in this direction. But at the same time, the tragedy of Alfred Nobel after inventing ‘Dynamite’ has always to be remembered as an eye opener. Any scientific invention or discovery may have ill impacts if used or handled ‘immorally’. Chemistry, too, has suffered lot of disgrace due to the mishandling of its inventions in the field of military and warfare research. Therefore advancements in Chemistry should also enable it to be regarded as ‘Chemistry for peace’. Like all these years, Chemistry will have to continue its endeavors to change this world as a ‘global village’ by bringing people closer- physically and mentally, through eco-friendly products, principles and practices which will ensure sustainable and uniform development to all.
It is told about knowledge in ‘Veda’s that-“It seems plain and self-evident, yet it needs to be said: - the isolated knowledge obtained by a group of specialists in a narrow field has, in itself, no value whatsoever, but only in its synthesis with all the rest of knowledge and only in as much as it really contributes in this synthesis toward answering the demand, "Who are we?". Every branch of knowledge, in any chronological period, should help its beneficiaries to find those answers. Chemistry also, may get elevated to that level of sublime knowledge in the near future and would bring harmony, peace and prosperity to the whole world so that the great Indian philosophy of “VASUDHAIVA KUDUMBAKAM” could get realised.


  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Chemistry has wide scope for research........