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Botas UGG Nightfall Making volunteering more simple the new My Community Starter

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Zurich Guardian ProfessionalZurich's new resource can combat some of the myths which surround community volunteeringIn an increasingly risk averse and litigious culture, Zurich understands all too well the myths and perceptions that can influence the public's attitude to volunteering. Many are concerned about personal responsibility and accountability. At the same time however,Botas UGG Nightfall, the government has called on us to rally as individuals and groups to help build its vision of a 'Big Society'; where communities are empowered to get involved with or run public services - from community centres and libraries to transport services and housing projects.In a survey we recently commissioned, to understand public attitudes to (increased) volunteering and philanthropy,Abercrombie & Fitch Bufanda, the majority of those questioned (62%) said they would be unlikely to volunteer to help deliver local services that,Botas UGG Roxy, in the past, may have been provided by their local council.While we live in an ever more time-poor era,Jordan Sixty Plus 60+, it is wholly likely that as well as limited time, perceptions of bureaucracy and red tape when it comes to getting involved are holding back plenty of would-be volunteers. But community involvement can embrace a whole raft of simple activities that can still have a significant impact,Timberland Hombres Sandalias, be it forming a litter-picking group in your local community or doing some volunteer driving for an elderly neighbour.My Community Starter is an exciting new resource that we are developing, to help individuals and small groups get started with their own straightforward community activities. Currently in the final stages of development and due to launch this summer, My Community Starter is a free online resource. It aims to make volunteering more simple by providing information and guidance for individuals and groups who want to do more in the places where they live,Botas UGG Ultra, for their own benefit and for those around them.By making it straightforward for people to understand what they CAN do, our aim is to inspire people to act whilst providing important information on how they might do it in a safe and responsible way.We looked at the barriers that stood in the way of volunteering in local communities and went about creating a website that could give individuals and smaller groups some guidance and information that might be helpful in order to get activities started. It includes some guidance on legal, health and safety, planning and insurance together with handy information sheets which may help to make a community activity a success. There's also a useful tool that will create a free My Community Starter Pack adapted to the kind of activities the individual or group is considering.Paul Emery, Head of Community and Social Organisations at Zurich says "Whatever it's called there will be local service reform with individuals and communities taking on more responsibility for what happens in their street, how it happens and who does it. Our Community Starter will help individuals and communities, come together and start to do more in the places where they live for their own benefit and for those around them. For the first time, our Community Starter harnesses this energy by making it straightforward for people to understand what they CAN do, inspiring them to act and importantly providing importance guidance on how to do it."Supporting the Big SocietyMy Community Starter isn't political but if you are in support of the Big Society concept, you now have the perfect opportunity to make a difference on your doorstep. My Community Starter can help ?C click here to find out how! Content on this page is provided by Zurich

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