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Failure are the pillars of success, okay! lets hope so.

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This evening came to know that our first semester results were announced, checked my results to find myself down with five backlogs. The thought of my failure has been haunting me all these while. Some where I heard that we may find solace in writing. So here I thought trying the stuff and help myself finding some peace of mind. I can’t share all these things with anybody. Parents, I won’t be able to face them. Friends, I just don’t want to talk to them. Last six months were one of the most horrible periods in my life. Only failure came to me with a veil of happiness. I know that there is no point in crying over the milk spilled but what if I just can’t put this thing out of my mind. The moment I get to college, I will be facing my fellow students (whom I will be saying “Paanch subjects mein back lagein hain mere” again with a fake pride), my mentor and my chemistry teacher, what will she be thinking of me a liar, an aimless person, a loafer, another spoilt kid who is just wasting his parents hard earned money. Only I know how my parents are struggling and sacrificing and me? All these things just have to end now. I need to payback my parents the least I will be able to. I guess a new chapter of my life is about to begin. I need to work hard, will be pretty difficult for me but I will surely have to work just to fulfill my parents wish and gift myself a better future.