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Four Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

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Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love going on outdoor adventures? If yes, then you must be planning loads of such camping and hiking trips. However, sometimes even well-planned out trips can become a disaster if you don’t have certain essentials with you on the trip.
So, what are these outdoor adventure essentials that you must have with you on your next trip? Here is a list that can help you:

1. Insulating materials

Outdoor adventure means uncertain weather conditions. You have to be prepared to face anything and everything. Of course, you can study the area and decide on a favorable season for embarking on the adventure, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You must have an added layer of clothing like a jacket, insulating hat and thermals, extra set of undergarments, waterproof gloves, head gear and etc. Pack your bags keeping in mind the wet, chilly or windy weather that you have to face on your trip.

2. Emergency Shelter

Your emergency shelter is another criterion that you need to worry about when you are on an outdoor trip. Most hikers carry a tent or a sleeping bag with them. Let’s say you get trapped somewhere due to bad weather conditions, you can use the sleeping bag or a sack as a shelter. Whatever you choose, make sure it is lightweight and does not take too much space.

3. Navigational Tools

No matter how much knowledge you have about the directions of a place or whether you have an expert guide with you, it is extremely important to have navigational tools with you. Your smartphone with a global positioning system or GPS is not enough. You must add a wrist altimeter with a GPS and also have a topographic map with you. Altimeter can measure the air pressure and provide an approximate estimate of your elevation. This is extremely useful for tracking your location on the map.
Also, have a compass with you. High-tech GPS receivers have not made the compass totally redundant because compasses have their own importance. When you get disoriented in a remote area, you seriously cannot depend on your GPS’s batteries, isn’t it? This is when you actually need a compass. These are light weighted and are also equipped with a sighting mirror that can be used to flash sunlight to a helicopter flying above in the case of an emergency.

4. Powerful Lights

For any kind of hiking or camping in the outdoors, you have to spend the night outside or even have to travel in the dark. So, always carry headlamps that act as strobe lights to protect you during emergency situations.

These have powerful beams and can be operated without engaging your hands. They are not big and light in weight with a long battery life. So, if every member of your group carries such lights, the dark can be successfully evaded. You can also use flashlights and portable lanterns for this purpose. But, always remember to carry spare batteries with you.
These essentials are necessary because if you get stuck somewhere owing to bad weather or cannot find your way back, these things can prove to be extremely useful. Wondering where you will get all these essential items? Don’t panic; all these items are easily available at any online sports accessories store at decent prices. Have a great adventure trip!