Basic Robotics Workshop for Engineers – Workshop on Basic Robotics for Engineers

Duration: 2 days (Every team will be given a take-away Robo kit worth INR 2500. Maximum 3 students per team. Also, each student will get study material worth INR 300!)

Workshop Cost: INR 5000 per Team


Session 1

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Understanding Robot Locomotion
  • Understanding Drive Systems
  • Building a Simple Differential Drive Robot

Session 2

  • Introduction to Sensors
  • Overview of LDR & IR Based Sensors
  • Building a Simple Sensor
  • Overview of Logic Gates
  • Overview of Operational Amplifiers
  • Building an IR Sensor using OP Amp


Session 1

  • Controlling Motors – Driver ICs – ULN2003
  • Controlling Motor Direction – H-Bridge – L293D

Session 2

  • Building an Autonomous Line Follower
  • Building an Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Converting the Obstacle Avoider to Edge Avoider

Kit Contents

  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Castor Wheels
  • Motors
  • IR Modules
  • Breadboard
  • H-Bridge IC L293D
  • Motor Diver IC ULN2003
  • Wire Stripper
  • Power Supply
  • Hook-up Wires

Trainers: We have a pool of world-class, experienced corporate trainers who conduct the workshops in colleges.

Also, we offer unbeatable sponsorship packages to colleges & fests in which our workshops are conducted!

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