About TechSrijan 2012 : "This November Witness en massTechnology par excellence
Unleash thy sang froid Boost thy espirit de corps Explore in Toto
The mystical fiesta of creation The sui generis innovation
The magnum opus of invention The benchmark techSRIJAN"

Are you a techno maniac??.....Is technology your raison d’ etre......???
Well then sit back, as with its motto of proving to be better and bigger every year comes again the Annual Technical Festival of Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, techSRIJAN 2012. As the name suggests techSRIJAN is a portmanteau coined from “TECHNOLOGY” and “SRIJAN” which means technical creation. It lives up to its name when it evokes images of not only tangible little machines and bots but also great ideas which are brought to the fore by talented students. techSRIJAN has fast emerged as one of the best technical festivals of the country over the past years and now resounds as a familiar name across the colleges as well as the industries nationwide. It gets bigger and better by the years and needless to say…we plan to keep up with the legacy!

TechSrijan 2012
: Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech Management fest :

Events :
  • Robotics
  • Technical Paper Presentations
  • Bridgekriti
  • Techshilp
  • Workshops
  • Informals
  • Lan Gaming
  • Sanscarburant
  • Hardrachana
  • Softrachana
  • Abhigyaan
To know more details about TechSrijan 2012, please visit the following link: TechSrijan 2012