About TeknoWarz 2012 : "TeknoWarZ-T12" is a national level technical symposium for the students. The various Technical events like Paper Presentation and Poster Presentation have been organized for the students to their talents in the technical fields of their interest.The name - TeknoWarz-T12, has fusion of two phrases, one is "Tekno" (Techno) which symbolizes the technical talent of the students and the next is - "WarZ" {war}, which symbolizes the platform for competitive spirit related to participants technical talents.The participants will have the opportunity to exhibit their technical skills and talents before the respective Domain Experts and have exposure with skilled counter parts from various institutions.

TeknoWarz 2012
: Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

Events :

  • Paper Presentation & Poster Presentation & many Exciting spot events
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