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Thread: Data Leakage Detection Project

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    Information Data Leakage Detection Project

    Abstract-A data distributor has given sensitive data to a set of supposedly trusted agents (third parties). If the data distributed to third parties is found in a public/private domain then finding the guilty party is a nontrivial task to distributor. Traditionally, this leakage of data is handled by water marking technique which requires modification of data. If the watermarked copy is found at some unauthorized site then distributor can claim his ownership. To overcome the disadvantages of using watermark [2], data allocation strategies are used to improve the probability of identifying guilty third parties. In this project, we implement and analyze a guilt model that detects the agents using allocation strategies without modifying the original data. The guilty agent is one who leaks a portion of distributed data. The idea is to distribute the data intelligently to agents based on sample data request and explicit data request in order to improve the chance of detecting the guilty agents. The algorithms implemented using fake objects will improve the distributor chance of detecting guilty agents. It is observed that by minimizing the sum objective the chance of detecting guilty agents will increase. We also developed a framework for generating fake objects. This project is ready as per to the IEE paper at I have implemented this project as per to this paper , and it includes all algorithms given in this paper, also have the complete documentation . It shows the results via graphs. If anyone wants to buy this project then , contact me @ parvezahmed.kazi[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com Video :

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