About Esya 2012 : Esya ’12 is the second version of IIIT-Delhi’s tech fest. On 3rd and 4th September 2011, the first techfest of IIIT-Delhi was held with remarkable enthusiasm and overwhelming participation. With about a dozen events attended by participants numbering around two grand, the technical festival has strung the right chord among the CS/IT students & enthusiasts of Delhi.

Our vision for Esya ’12 is to bring together talented and motivated students from across India and provide them with a platform where they can explore and perform things differentely.

Esya goes beyond being a simple Science and Technology competition. Unlike Aristotle’s principle of Episteme where your scientific knowledge needs to be governed by a first principle, we encourage participants to make their own first principles based on what they believe to be correct.

We aim to nurture the ideas that come forth in the spirit of healthy competition. To accomplish the same, we intend to create opportunities such as collaboration among students and industry guidance to materialise such ideas.

Esya 2012 : Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :
Events :
  • Stratagem : Business plan with an IT component ,
  • Prayatna : Social problem with an IT solution,
  • Appkraft : Mobile application development, Chakravyuha: online code-breaking, Hunt IT: Treasure hunt, Techathlon : A series of technical events,
  • Photography, Animation etc.
To know more details about Esya 2012, please visit the following link: Esya 2012