About Prakiya 2012 : The battle between the best chemical engineering brains is all set at SASTRA University on 12 - 13th October, 2012. The Department of Chemical engineering proudly presents Prakriya 2012, conducted by SCHEMA(Shanmuga Chemical Engineering Association), this is the second edition of the symposium which had debuted to a roaring success last year. Aimed at nurturing the virtues and principles of Chemical Process Technology, this festival presents itself with a plethora of events such as paper presentation, poster presentation, technical quizzes, workshops, guest lectures, design events, fun events and what not! This time around it is bigger and a whole lot better!!!

Not only does this give a chance for budding engineers to sharpen their engineering acumen, but also provides a wonderful opportunity to learn new ideas and concepts. This festival tries to bridge the gap between the Student and the Industrial fraternity, through rendezvous with the Who’s who of the Chemical Industry.

A lifetime opportunity to compete with the best in the business and prove your mettle awaits you. Are you ready for the Euphoria again???

Prakiya 2012 : Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :
Events :

  • Paper Presentation,
  • Poster Presentation,
  • Cooling Tower-Working Model,
  • Salt Analysis,
  • Sci-Tech Quiz,
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Quiz
To know more details about Prakiya 2012, please visit the following link: Prakiya 2012