Abstract : With the advent in technology, the existing systems are developed to have in built intelligence. This is of greater importance in places where human identity is required

The manual authentication and human intervention of the present systems has been replaced by digital means.

Of all the digital systems, Embedded Technology predominates as it overcomes the drawbacks of all the existing mechanical and electronic systems.

Fingerprinting is the process of identification based on the impressions at the ends of the fingers. The impressions consist of patterns formed by ridges that cover the skin of the fingertips.

Fingerprints provide one of the most reliable methods of identification. No person’s fingerprint is identical to any other human being.

In most cases, fingerprints remain the same throughout any person’s lifetime. Ridges on the person’s fingerprints only change as a result of surgery, disease, or an accident.

Our project “Fingerprint Prediction Enabled Passport Authentication System” involves finger print recognition, scanner will scan the finger print and given to PC, which compares with stored finger prints, then we can access the account to do the money transaction and etc.

The person name and account details are maintained in the unique database. If it detects any unauthorized person it will give signal to microcontroller which will drive the buzzer and display in LCD.

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