About Udaan 2012 : God has not given us the Wings to fly but gifted us with the TALENT, and this talent is our wings to take us to the top of our world. So Global Institutes presents to you its Techno-Cultural festival UDAAN 2012 on , 18,19 Oct.2012.UDAAN 2012 tests and rewards innovation and competence. The two day festival is packed with events that would require you to exercise every inch of your competitive bone to emerge victorious The winners would go back with high confidence ..And there will be STAR NIGHT for the audiences as well.

UDAAN- It is like efforts that we put for our aim,our dreams to turn it into reality. And global institute is presenting you the sky to fly on the wings of ur talent.So, do not miss it!! Like all good things, it happens only once in a year!!

Udaan 2012 : Techno Cult Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech & Cult fest :
Events :
Here you come across the different events like technical events like robotics,programming based,designing alley etc.
Workshops like auto anatomy and many more.
There will also cultural and fun events and LAN Gaming.
Also there will be Guests lectures from renowned personalities of INDIA.
To know more details about Udaan 2012, please visit the following link: Udaan 2012