About Plinth 2012 : PLINTH.....The annual Techno-Management Literary fest of The LNMIIT is one of the exquisite platform which helps you to plunge into the deepest points in the ocean of your thoughts to bring out the creativity skills within you...........Description
PLINTH caters events ranging from various intellectual fields like ROBOTIX,CYBERNETRIX, LITERATURE and BUSINESS...........

So,Its not just all about science and tech... its actually about encircling the creativity within you in every possible way...

Plinth 2012 : Techno Management Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

Events :
  • Robo-Race.
  • Robo-Soccer.
  • Line Follower.
  • Tech And Biz Quiz
  • Wire-Junkies(Circuit designing and Debugging).
  • Abhikriti (Presentation).
  • An event on Digital Image Processing
  • Star Hunt with telescope and laser
  • Astronomy Quiz
  • Floor crossing
  • Just a minute
  • Prolegomenon
  • Pandeamonic
  • Auto Mobile Quiz
  • General Quiz
  • Ad mad
  • Yellow pages
  • Sell With Ecell
  • Zenith
  • IUPC
  • Prison Break
  • Debug the C bug
To know more details about Plinth 2012, please visit the following link: Plinth 2012