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Thread: Time Management For Common Admission Test(CAT)

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    Favorite 32 Time Management For Common Admission Test(CAT)

    Start the day on time: If the day starts on a good note right on time, be sure that the rest of the day will also pass on smoothly, at least in terms of time. Start your day early and reach the test centre on time. If you are late, you will invariably be in anxiety coupled with the common exam stress.

    Donít waste time after the exam starts: As CAT 2012 is a timed test, you should be absolutely bang on time. Donít waste even a minute after the timer starts. You will have 70 minutes for 30 questions in each section. You have to make the best utilization of the 70 minutes, so concentrate fully and try to utilize each minute of the exam duration.

    Spend first five minutes to skim through questions: As soon as you see the questions, spend at least five minutes to go through them. While skimming through the questions, you can identify the ones you would like to attempt. Mark the questions and finish the selection process within five minutes. Be prepared to change your plan as the questions that appeared easy initially might turn out to be tricky when you start solving. So donít spend more than five minutes on skimming and just get a feel of the question types and make a preliminary selection.

    Maintain balance between taking QA & DI and VA & LR:
    While selecting the questions, make sure that you strike a balance between the two areas of the section. For example, you must attempt a reasonably balanced number of questions from quantitative ability & data interpretation and verbal ability & logical reasoning. So manage your time well within the section as well. Donít get overboard with a particular area and ignore other questions. After all, IIMs look for a balanced performance and not a skewed one.

    Donít spend more than 3 minutes for a question: It is very important to stick to the time limit while solving the questions. You should not take more than three minutes to solve a question, rather, donít spend more than three minutes for a question. ďItís very important to not spend more than two to three minutes on a single question. Un-attempted questions at the end of the section will prove to be dearer than the tough one cracking of which took several minutes,Ē says Anusha Subramanian, who scored 99.80 percentile in CAT 2011 and is a student of IIM Bangalore.

    Leave 10 minutes for revision: Keep at least 10 minutes for revision. Check for silly mistakes or the answers you are not sure of. Correct the same in the remaining time. You can also go back to the questions which you had marked during the test. You can also unmark the numbers which you are not sure about as there is negative marking involved. You will get three marks for a correct answer and one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

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