There are only few days left for CAT 2012 to begin. With the clock ticking faster than ever. Notwithstanding rigorous preparation, you are bound to have some weaknesses. You still have a good one week to the exam, and since many of you have chosen the middle slot or the one towards the end, you have enough time left to neutralize the weaknesses.

Identify your areas of weakness first. It often happens that in spite of being weak, you perform well in some areas during mock tests out of mere fluke or coincidence. In such cases, consider these as weak areas.

You need to find out the reasons behind your weaknesses. Once you identify them, it would be easier to tackle them. Tony Xavier, head of academics, IMS Learning, describes some of the probable reasons.

Inherent dislike for the topic: You often have dislike against a particular topic and leave out the area without even trying to get prepared for it. As a result, you are not able to attempt or correctly answer even an easy question from the area. You need to prepare for all the topics and areas of the test ó which ones do you finally attempt is a combination of multiple variables.

Not devoting adequate time for preparation in weak areas:
While your strong areas need lesser time for preparation, weaker areas will definitely call for more time. If you expect preparation for both the strong and weak areas to take equal time, you are mistaken. Devote more time for weak areas.

Conceptual flaws & loopholes: Unless the concepts are clear, the application wonít be fruitful. Re-visit the basics and pay immediate attention to the fundamentals. Try to grasp as much as possible at the remaining time so that you can at least recognize the difficulty level of questions and attempt accordingly.

Select questions carefully: A lot depends on the correct selection of questions; so be more vigilant while selecting them. Select easy questions on your weak areas. If you cannot solve a question within 2-3 minutes, move forward and donít spend time on it.

Have faith in yourself: You should have faith in yourself that you will get over the weakness that is plaguing your mind. More than the actual weakness, it is your thought process that affects your performances in the test. In the final days, your focus should be on improving your belief on areas you have a grip on. Remember it is only your belief that will be with you on the D Day.