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Thread: CAT TIP: Don't start any new topic for CAT now

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    Favorite 32 CAT TIP: Don't start any new topic for CAT now

    Question and answer session between an expert and CAT aspirant..

    Q: I have completed all sections and have already taken 10 mock tests. Do I need to take more mocks?
    Take a mock every two-three days till CAT and analyze the performance. Go through the solution and revise the chapters where you went wrong.

    Q: I am not good in the VA & LR section but trying hard to improve accuracy. I have not studied grammar till now. So is it good to leave it or shall I prepare some basics.
    There is no point in preparing for anything new now. Just revise whatever you have done so far. Revise the main chapters in Quant.

    Q: Shall I solve old mocks or solve new problems? My exam is on October 18. Is there any chance of fact inference judgment questions coming in VA?
    Solve new mocks every two to three days till CAT. I wish I could say you what questions will come! All I can say is revise everything that you have prepared.

    Q: My DI area is not up to the mark compared with other sections. With 10 days left for the exam, how can I handle this area?
    Just work on tables, bar charts and pie charts. Try to solve questions in DI that came in CAT previously.

    Q: My schedule is on October 16. I have problems in the comprehension section of verbal ability. Kindly give some tips regarding this.
    Follow a question-passage-question approach. Try answering questions which are direct and answer for which can be easily searched in the passage.

    Q: Please name some chapters which you think are important for CAT.
    Revise whatever you have prepared so far. Don't try any fancy or new stuff. Focus on arithmetic, geometry, DI graphs, FIJ, para jumbles, US/DS, etc.

    Q: I am very much tensed as CAT is knocking at the door. How should I divide my limited time among sections?
    Relax and revise. Put in your best and leave the rest.

    Q: I am not scoring well in the first section. I took CAT last year also and scored around 91 percentile in the first section and overall score was around 97 percentile. I had attempted 18 questions.
    Try to take one or two sectional tests every day and see what variety of questions that you are leaving. Learn the concepts needed to solve these questions and revise the chapters from where these questions are.

    Q: My CAT is scheduled on October 31. I want to make the best out of these remaining weeks. So please suggest me effective ways to increase my attempts & score.
    Write a mock every two to three alternate days, analyze your performance and revise. Also relax and do your best. Don't bother beyond that.

    Q: For preparing DI section, shall I solve CAT papers or follow my coaching material? Which one will be better?
    Haven't you completed your coaching material yet? You got to do both. If you can do only one, solve CAT papers.

    Q: What should be the strategy in attempting LR questions? If I am not strong enough in English, do I really need to worry about the same?
    There will be maximum four to five questions in LR. So, revise your concepts in LR and strengthen your RC, VA, vocabulary and grammar areas.

    Q: Verbal is my forte and I do not face problem in the second section. But my Quant is very weak. Could you please suggest some tips for Quant that could be applied in these remaining days?
    Just focus on numbers, speed, time & distance, geometry/mensuration chapters. If you can find out time, do other arithmetic chapters also.

    Q: I have problem in the Quant section. Although I am well versed with most of the concepts, I have problem in application when there are some twists in the question.
    Too little time is left. Try the direct questions in the exam first and then go to these types of questions.

    Q: I truly want to score at least above 90 percentile but I am not feeling confident. I am ready to do anything...but how do I do it? My exam is on October 16.
    Don't target any attempts or score. Just do your best. Take four to five mocks till your CAT.

    Q: How to control the urge of attempting more questions?
    Do your section in two rounds. In the first one, attempt only those questions that you are confident about. In the second round, try the difficult ones and in case you can narrow down the choices to two, take a guess.

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