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Thread: Tech Mahindra Technical interview questions (2011)

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    Tech Mahindra Technical interview questions (2011)

    • Introduce urself.
    • U seem to be musically inclined!!!
    • Subject of sem 5 that u like.
    • Draw the architecture of 8086 n explain it in 90 secs.
    • What is BIU & EU?
    • Where is the memory module?
    • Have u learned computer networks?
    • Tell me whtz LAN n WAN. Give examples?
    • What othr subject did u like in sem 5?
    • What do u study in DCOM?
    • Tell me whtz multiplexing?
    • Explain TDM
    • Explain FDM
    • How will u decide as to whn FDM or TDM shud b used!!!
    • Who according to u is the best guitarist in the world n why?(Ans. Steve Vai)
    • Who is ur favourite keyboard player n why?(Ans. A.R. Rehman)
    • Y shud TM hire u?
    • ur strengths(Ans. Leadership Qualities)
    • U expect to b a leader in d first year itself?
    • ur weaknesses n how do u overcome it (Ans. Frustration,overcm usin meditation(gr8 joke))
    • What is ur goal?(Ans. To become a s/w analyst)
    • Whtz d work of an analyst?
    • How do u come to college? How much time does it take?
    • What is thread priority?
    • Distinguish method overloading and method overriding
    • Distinguish method overloading and overriding
    • what is Thread priority?
    • Difference between interface and abstract class with ex.
    • what is multitherading
    • what is multi-tasking
    • what is Inheritense
    • what is java
    • what is difference between requestprocessor and request dispatcher?
    • what is use of business objects?
    • What is the difference between static link library and dynamic link library?
    • What is object slicing and how can we prevent it?
    • What is AppDomain?Explain how it works.
    • Difference between Array and ArrayList? How Array is benifitful than ArrayList?
    • we are working in .net namespaces like using,system.text. these namespace before we use "using " keyword what means of using?
    • Is it possible to use two versions of assembly at the same time?If possible explain with code?
    • How do you install windows service?
    • what are the differences between windows services and web services?
    • what is the difference between cursor FETCH and FOR LOOP ?
    • What is mutating trigger?How to avoid it??
    • can we delete the trigger in a view? if yes why if not why?
    • how u can find the n row from a table? Tech Mahindra
    • how do you count the duplicate records in a table
    • what is the need of the cursor attribute notfound..(because using found attribute we can complete the task......found + negation operator = not found )
    • i have doubt that any one tell ref cursor comes in sql pl/sql? pls clarify?
    • What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?
    • what is difference b/t severity and priority
    • What are the diff types of integration testing?
    • How to test when the web application expired time (cookies,sessions testing) in real time
    • what are the inputs fo writing testcases and what are the outputs after executing the testcases? Tcs Tcs
    • what is the difference between Developer environment and Test environment? MOODS CONDOM
    • What are the various Guidelines follow while Weighting Test Cases
    • Explain V model in depth?
    • What is Rekey Defect?
    • what is effect variance ,Budget variance , Schedule Variance , Defect Density ?
    • what is different Between Risk and Issue ?
    • What is white-box Integration Testing and its differences between Black box-Integration testing?
    • i have 2 year experience in manual testing, if i am attending any interview what kind of question i will get?
    • if the object is identified by QTP & also virtual object wizard then which object will added to object repository
    • how to access a build & wat is its configuration
    • what is the difference between trigger and storedprocedures

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    Re: Tech Mahindra Technical interview questions (2011)

    Thanks for sharing. It's very good.
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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    Re: Tech Mahindra Technical interview questions (2011)

    This information is really helpful...
    Can you please upload Tech Mahindra Placement papers........

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