Accenture Placement Papers 2011:

What is the output of the program
void main()
char s[]="oracle is the best";
char t[40];
char *ss,*tt;
// A. oracle is the best
// B. Core dump
// c. Error Message
// D. Goes into infinite loop
Ans: B. core dump (Garbage value)

2. .//What is the output of the program
void main()
printf(" Hello World");
// A. Hello World
// B. Hello World Hello World
// c. Error Message
// D. None of these
Ans: B

3. What is the output of the program
void main()
int i,j,k;
if(++k && ++i<--j|| i++)
printf(" %d %d %d",i,-j--,k);
// A. 4,-3,2
// B. 5,-3,2
// c. 4,-2,2
// D. 5,-2,2
Ans: D

4. public void static main(String []args)
String s1=new String("test");
String s2=new String("test");
System.out.println("Both are equal");
Boolean b1=new Boolean("true");
Boolean b2=new Boolean("false");
System.out.println("some message");

what is the value of y

5.The ratio between the radius and height of a cone is 3:4. What is the curved surface area of the cone?
1) 15p m2
2) 12p m2
3) 9p m2
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these

6. A man stands on the top of a pole and makes an angle of 60 on the surface of a ground. He slides 20 m down and makes an angle of 30at the same point. If he takes 10 seconds to reach the ground from here, find his speed.
1) 6 km/hr
2) 5 km/hr
3) 10 km/hr
4) 8 km/hr
5) 10.80 km/hr

7.The compound interest for first and second years is 200 and 220 on a certain amount. Find the sum.

8. Marked price of a commodity is 35% above the cost price. If he gives a discount of 15%, how much he gains on the deal.

9. 5 mangoes + 4 oranges = 7 mangoes + 1 orange. Find the ratio of mango to orange.

Length of a rectangle is increased by 50% and breadth is decreased by 25% what is the difference in the area

11. Mr X position in a class is 13th from first and 17th from last, and 8th from the first and 13th from last in passed candidates list, then how many candidates failed in the exam

12. Two successive discounts of 20% and 15% is equal to a net discount of .....

13. A two digit number is 4 times to its sum of digits , when 9 is added to the number, the digits will get reversed. Then what is that number?

Ans: 12

14. When do you say that a digraph is acyclic
A)if and only if its first search does not have back arcs
B)a digraph is acyclic if and only if its first search does not have back vertices
C)if and only if its first search does not have same dfnumber
D)None of these

15.A function q that accepts a pointer to a character as argument and returns a pointer to an array of integer can be declared as:
A)int (*q(char*)) []
B)int *q(char*) []
C)int(*q)(char*) []
D)None of the Above the code:
void main()
const int a=100;
int *p;
What is printed?

A)100,101 B)100,100 C)101,101 D)None of the above

17. in how many ways can a lock be opened if that lock has three digit number lock if
i) the last digit is 9
ii) and sum of the first two digits is less than or equal to the last digit. numbers are from 0-9

18. A person sold an item at a profit of 12% .If he sold it at a loss of 12% then he would get Rs.6/- less. What is the cost price?

19. (1 /((3/4-2/5 )/(2/3+4/5))) * ((2 /((4/3-2/5 )/(5/3+6/5))) (Numbers different)

20. Avg age of X number of adults in a class is 30yrs. If 12 new adults with avg age of 32 joined with them then the avg age increases by one. Find X?