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Thread: Oracle technical interview questions 2011

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    Oracle technical interview questions 2011

    2011 Oracle Apps technical interview questions:

    • What is the difference between buyer&employee in PO module?
    • Is that Possible To create package without Specification , If Yes Give any Examples
    • Is that Possible To create package Overloading , If Yes Give any Examples
    • What is the reason for distribution hold. Why invoices will go on distribution variance hold ??
    • when will formula,place holder and summary columns fire in reports?
    • difference b/w procedures&functions
    • Define multi org structure with example(take any businees).
    • Tell me some errors names and number what u got while developing the reports?
    • why do we validate the records while developing interface?
    • Explain Directory Structure of APPS?
    • How to activate, deactivate and run Concurrent Managers?
    • What is the location for concurrent request or manager logfiles and output files?
    • Specify the standard naming conventions for the logfile and output file?
    • How to write LOG information from PL/SQL block to log file?
    • What is Request Group?
    • What is Request Set?
    • What is difference between the Request Group and Request Set?
    • What are the steps to develop a simple Oracle Apps form?
    • What are the important Libraries in Template.fmb?
    • Which Concurrent Manager will run when you run the report in Oracle Application ?
    • How will you get the concurrent program output as email?
    • can we execute one concurrent program through another concurrent program?
    • how do you describe O2C along with tables
    • What are do's and dont's of Interface?
    • what are version control tools used in oracle apps?
    • explain o2c cycle? what are the table reflected for this process?
    • explain p2p cycle? what are the tables used for this?
    • Which module is not in multiorg
    • any one can expalin report registration steps?
    • why we have to give GL no. between 6 to 10?
    • why java does compile time polymorphism at run time ?
    • how to delete duplicate rows in sql server2005
    • what is the difference between checked and unchecked Exceptions?
    • what is test plan

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    Re: Oracle technical interview questions 2011

    Thanks for sharing. I have some another tips.

    1. What is a transaction ?Answer: A transaction is a set of SQL statements between any two COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements.
    2. What is implicit cursor and how is it used by Oracle ?Answer: An implicit cursor is a cursor which is internally created by Oracle.It is created by Oracle for each individual SQL.
    3. Which of the following is not a schema object : Indexes, tables, public synonyms, triggers and packages ?Answer: Public synonyms
    4. What is PL/SQL?Answer: PL/SQL is Oracle's Procedural Language extension to SQL.The language includes object oriented programming techniques such as encapsulation, function overloading, information hiding (all but inheritance), and so, brings state-of-the-art programming to the Oracle database server and a variety of Oracle tools.
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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