Mphasis Placement Paper 2010:

1. What is meant by polymorphism

Ans. Redfinition of a base class method in a derived class

2. What is the essential feature of inheritance

Ans. All properties of existing class are derived

3. What does the protocol FTP do

Ans. Transfer a file b/w stations with user authentification

4. In the transport layer ,TCP is what type of protocol

Ans. Connection oriented

5. Why is a gateway used

Ans. To connect incompatible networks

6. Preorder of A*(B+C)/D-G


7. Dense index (index record appers for every search -key in file)

8. A program on swaping ( 10,5 )was given (candidate cannot recollect)

9. In a group of 15,7 have studied Latin, 8 have studied Greek, and 3 have not studied either.How many of these studied both Latin and Greek



If 13 = 13w/(1-w) ,then (2w)2 =


If a and b are positive integers and (a-b)/3.5 = 4/7, then
(A) b < a
(B) b > a
© b = a
(D) b >= a

Ans. A

12. In june a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of its game played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team raised its average to 50% .How many games must the team have won in a row to attain this average?
A. 12
B. 20
C. 24
D. 30

Ans. C

13. M men agree to purchase a gift for Rs. D. If three men drop out how much more will each have to contribute towards the purchase of the gift/
A. D/(M-3)
B. MD/3
C. M/(D-3)
D. 3D/(M2-3M)

Ans. D

14. At the first interview the following candidates appear A,B,D.Which of the follwing combinations can be called for the interview to be held next week.


15. Which of the following is not permitted under the rules as stated.
(A) A brown male marrying his fatherís sister
(B) A red female marrying her motherís brother
© A widower marrying his wifeís sister
(D) A widow marrying her divorced daughterís ex-husband

Ans. B

16. If widowers and divorced males retained their group they had upon marrying which of the following would be permissible ( Assume that no previous marriage occurred)
(A) A woman marrying her dead sisterís husband
(B) A woman marrying her divorced daughterís ex-husband
© A widower marrying his brotherís daughter
(D) A woman marrying her motherís brother who is a widower.

Ans. D

17. Irrevalent to unix command ( getty)

18. What is fork command in unix

Ans. System call used to create process

What is make command in unix

. Used forcreation of more than one file

In unix .profile contains

Ans. Start up program