In a controversial move, National institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut has proposed to relax the pass mark for B.Tech courses by introducing a new P grade or pass grade requiring only 20 per cent marks as against the 35 to 40 per cent currently insisted on, depending on the stream and subject.

Approved by the NITs board of academics, the proposal is now awaiting the approval of its senate. But, it has kicked off a row as it has come at a time when Kerala High Court has found reason to be concerned with the quality of higher education offered in the state and directed the state to close down self-financing engineering colleges with a pass percentage of less than 40.

All India Federation of NIT Teachers has opposed the move, worried it could trigger a fall in standards. P grades are accepted in mature institutions like the IIT, Chennai. But here at the NIT, we are not ready for it yet, said a member.

Source: Deccan Chronicle