While there is no set curriculum for computer education in schools, most of the times, concepts taughtin schools are out of relevance in today’s time.

An IIT Bombay professor, Shridhar Iyer, and an IIM Kolkata graduate, Rupesh Shah, have developed the program, Computer Masti, which has a set curriculum for computer education in schools (from class I to VIII). It incorporates innovative ways to teach different concepts which keeps students involved in the lesson.

Rupesh Shah, CEO, In-open technology, which developed the program said, “There is no structured curriculum for computer education in schools. The Masti curriculum was decided after much research.”

Care was taken to ensure that it doesn’t become too technical. Fun elements were added to attract students. The curriculum is tailor made for different schools in the medium in which they want to teach. Students can learn concepts in other subjects also which are incorporated in the curriculum.

Source: DNA