2010 Adani Placement Paper:

(Civil Engineering)

  1. What is the full form of CPM?
  2. What is crashing??
  3. What is Gantt chart?
  4. Calculation of expected time (tp,to,tl given)
  5. Where is surge tank used? (it is used to prevent the condition of water hammer)
  6. Ratio b/w 3 n 28 day strength settling velocity in sedimentation tank? septic tank reaction(aerobic or anaerobic)
  7. Where is super elevation needed (horizontal or vertical curve)
  8. Which oil solvent is mostly used in industry? (turpentine)
  9. What is a good property of project manager (it was easy, select one option)
  10. Which code for steel?
  11. Code for steel in general buildings?
  12. Moment of inertia of circular section?
  13. Min. moment of inertia about which axis?
  14. Modular ration of M200 ? Compressive strength of M150
  15. What is tested by slump test?
  16. Where is bituminous felt is used?
  17. What is the thick ness of AC sheet?
  18. Which metal is used in galvanizing?
  19. Compressive Strength of 1st class brick?
  20. Water absorption of brick (<20%)
  21. Where is the point of contraflexure ?(BM=0)
  22. What is a long column (what is the criteria)?
  23. What is the code for concrete and when it was recently revised?
  24. What is the standard size of a brick? What is the least count of leveling staff and theodolite?
  25. What is the compressive strength for class A, B, C bricks?
  26. Father of soil technology?
  27. Draw BM of cantilever str.?
  28. Draw section of earth dam?