2010 KPIT Cummins Placement Paper:

1. A person traveled 4 sides of the triangle with speed of a 100, 200, 300, 400 km/hr. what is the average speed of the whole journey. Ans 192 km/hr.

2. How many times 3 occur from 3 to 3333.

3. A=1, B=1. do 5 times and find the value of A.
Add 1 to B.
A * B.
Assign this result to A.
} Ans 720

4. 9 circles of diameter of 2 each are in the square. Find the height of a square. There were three rows each having 3 circles.

5. mahua gets his salary on sunday. She spends a quarter of her salary on monday and 2/3 of the remaining on tuesday. How much of her salary remains for the rest of the week?


6. one set of 5 analytical question. A, B, C, D, E are five cities. A group visits each of the cities by turn. C will not be visited second. One city will be visited after A but before D. B will be visited either before E or D.

7.There are 200 questions on a 3 hr examination. Among these questions are 50 mathematics problems. It is suggested that twice as much time be spent on each Maths problem as for each other question. How many minutes should be spent on mathematics problems



8. In a class composed of x girls and y boys what part of the class is composed of girls
A.y/(x + y)
C.x/(x + y)


9. If 9x-3y=12 and 3x-5y=7 then 6x-2y = ?89

B. 4
C. 2
D. 8

Ans. D

10. M men agree to purchase a gift for Rs. D. If three men drop out how much more will each have to contribute towards the purchase of the gift

A. D/(M-3)
B. MD/3
C. M/(D-3)
D. 3D/(M2-3M)

Ans. D

11. there are 200 questions and time is 3 hours out of which 50 questions are from maths. If time alloted for maths problems is twice of that others, what is the time required for one maths question.

Ans:1/50 hr

12. m persons plan to share the price of a gift. However when they went to buy 3 of them did not arrive. How much did each person pay for the gift?


13. a 15 lt mixture contains water with 20% alcohol. If 5 more litres of water is added to the mixture what is the percentage of alcohol?


14. for every correct answer 4 is awarded but for a wrong answer 2 is deducted. If there are a total of 150 questions and sukanya scores 480 how many answers of sukanya were correct?


15. I am proceeding towards North. I take a turn to my right. After some time I take a turn to my left and again to my left. Then I go to my right. After some distance I again turn towards my right. The direction in which I am moving now

1) East
(2) West
(3) North
(4) South

16. A student scores 55% marks in 8 papers of 100 marks each. He scores 15% of his total marks in English. How much does he score in English?
) 55
2) 66
3) 77
4) 44
5) None of these

17. In a class, 6 students can speak gujarati, 15 can speak Hindi and 6 can speak Marathi. If two students can speak two languages and one student can speak all the three languages, then how many students are there in the class?

1) 21
(3) 23
(4) 24

18. If 'A' runs faster than E but not as fast as 'D' and 'D' runs faster than 'C' but not as fast as' B, then the person who runs the fastest is

1) A
(2) B
(3) C

19. She is my grandmother's only son's daughter. Who is she to me?

[e]none of them (correct - answer should be sister)

20. if 9x-3y = 12 and 3x-5y = 7 then what is 6x-2y = ?